Saquib Razak 

Information and Computer Science Department



ICS 202


  1. Review of OO Concepts in Java   (PDF Version)
  2. Design Patterns (PDF Version)                                       
  3. Design Patterns II  (PDF Version)                                 
  4. Introduction to Complexity Analysis I  (PDF Version)         
  5. Introduction to Complexity Analysis II (PDF Version)
  6. Singly Linked List  (PDF Version)
  7. Doubly Linked List   (PDF Version)  
  8. Review of Stacks  (PDF Version)                 
  9. Review of Queues   (PDF Version)                          
  10. Introduction to Recursion    (PDF Version)              
  11. Tail and Non-Tail Recursion    (PDF Version)  
  12. Nested and Excessive Recursion   (PDF Version)   
  13. Analysis of Recursive algorithms    (PDF Version)   
  14. Introduction to Trees  (PDF Version)              
  15. Binary Search Trees    (PDF Version)            
  16. Tree Traversal algorithms  (PDF Version)        
  17. Heaps and their Applications  (PDF Version)      
  18. Introduction to AVL Trees   (PDF Version)    
  19. Insertion and Deletion in AVL Trees   (PDF Version) 
  20. B-Trees   (PDF Version)                              
  21. Tree Applications Huffman coding   (PDF Version)
  22. Introduction to Graphs   (PDF Version)
  23. Implementations of Graphs    (PDF Version)
  24. Graph Traversals    (PDF Version) 
  25. Topological Sort   (PDF Version) 
  26. Connectedness and Cycles Detection Algorithms (PDF)
  27. Shortest Path Algorithm   (PDF Version) 
  28. Minimum Spanning Tree  (PDF Version)  
  29. Introduction to Hashing   (PDF Version)  
  30. Collision Resolution in Hashing  (PDF Version)    
  31. Collision Resolution in Hashing using Open Addressing  (PDF)
  32. Implementation of Hashing   (PDF Version) 
  33. Data Compression LZ78  (PDF Version)
  34. Data Compression LZW   (PDF Version)
  35. Memory Management   (PDF Version) 
  36. Garbage Collection   (PDF Version) 




Home Works:

ICS202_062_HW1.doc          ICS202_062_HW1.pdf

ICS202_062_HW2.doc           ICS202_062_HW2.pdf

ICS202_062_HW3_Key.doc    ICS202_062_HW3_Key.pdf

ICS202_062_HW4_Key.doc    ICS202_062_HW4_Key.pdf

ICS202_071_HW1.doc            ICS202_071_HW1.pdf

ICS202_071_HW2.doc            ICS202_071_HW2.pdf

ics202Homework3_071.doc     ics202Homework3_071.pdf


ics202_01quiz1_071.doc   ics202_01quiz1_071.pdf

ics202_01quiz1_071real.doc   ics202_01quiz1_071real.pdf

ics202_01quiz2_071.doc   ics202_01quiz2_071.pdf

ics202_01quiz3_071.doc   ics202_01quiz3_071.pdf

ics202_01quiz4_071.doc   ics202_01quiz4_071.pdf

ics202_05quiz1_061.doc   ics202_05quiz1_061.pdf

ics202_05quiz2_062.doc   ics202_05quiz2_062.pdf

ics202_05quiz3_062.doc   ics202_05quiz3_062.pdf

ics202_05quiz4_062.doc   ics202_05quiz4_062.pdf