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Chapters 5 - 8

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Chapter 5

Cathodic Protection

Comparison of replacement and cathodic protection cost Formation of an electrochemical cell Resistances to the flow of current Galvanic anode cathodic protection system Mg anode

Mg anode Zinc anode Zinc anode Components of zinc anode Al anode

Al anode Horizontal anode installation Vertical anode installation

Impressed current system

ICCP installed on bridges

Transformer Rectifier Working of a single phase bridge rectifier Graphite anodes Silicon-iron tubulars
Current requirement for coated pipe Solar photovoltaic cells Thermoelectric generator Cathodic protection of a bare pipe Polarization curve
Weener 4-pin soil resistivity measurement method Soil resistivity box Two-electrode method of measurement of potential Measurement of corrosion potential Soil resistivity data
Criteria for cathodic protection Interference caused by radial current flow Shallow vertical groundbed Shallow horizontal groundbed Deep vertical groundbed
Resistance circuit of ICCP  Resistance circuit of Galvanic CP system Typical design chart for impressed current groundbeds

Chapter 6

Coating Principles




Impervious coating Inhibitive coating Sacrificial coating Binder resin-1 Binder resin-2
Pigments Additives and extenders Additives and extenders Solvents and thinners

Chapter 7

Coating Failures


Distribution of failures  Failure causes Chalking Checking Alligatoring
Cracking-1 Cracking-2 Cracking-3 Mud cracking Coating of surfaces
Failure at edges Failure at corners Providing accessibility for coating Failure at welds Insulation devices used in joints
Proper joining method Blister-1 Blister-2 Flaking Holidays/Misses
Holiday detection tools Pinholes Cratering Dry spray Sagging
Orange peel

Chapter 8

Prevention by Design

Factors affecting service life Environmental factors affecting service life Proper design for accessibility Galvanic corrosion in CI valve Steel rivet, copper sheet

Copper rivet, steel sheet Corrosion under impurities-1 Corrosion under impurities-2 Design methods for easy dirt removal Design for preventing rain water logging

Proper design of panels Design of channels Schematic of moisture entrapment Insulation corrosion in water heaters-1

Insulation corrosion in water heaters-2

Design for water trapping Design for minimizing insulation corrosion Design of bolted joints to avoid galvanic corrosion Illustration of a good bolted joint Design of faying surfaces
Designs for drainage Design of liquid containers

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