Proceedings for ICICS 2004

Table of Contents

Session 1: Keynote Speeches I

Session Chair: Dr. K. Al-Tawil

I. Mobile Multimedia Services: Issues and Challenges.
Prof. A. Ghafoor

II. Paradigm for Development of Middleware for Wireless Network.
Prof. R.K. Shyamasundar

Session 2A: Performance Evaluation I

Session Chair: Dr. T. Himdi

1. A Performance Study of IPSec Protocol.
S.A. Shaikh, S.Al-Khayatt

2. Development and Performance Analysis of a Fault Tolerant Algorithm for Cluster of Workstations.
Syed Misbahuddin, Nizar Al-Holou

3. Performance Evaluation of Multidimensional Transpose Parallel FFT Algorithm on PC Cluster.
Humayun Baig Meerja and Sirajuddin Shaik

4. Performance Impact of Disk I/O Configuration on High-Throughput Servers.
Amisu Salam-Alada and Abdul Waheed

Session 2B: Security

Session Chair: Dr. S. S. Al-Wakeel

5. Host Adaptive Colour Image Watermarking Using Complex Wavelets.
A.Bouridane, F.Kurugollu, M.Byrne and S.Boussakta

6. A Deductive Approach to Verify e-Commerce Protocols.
Mohamed Larbi Rebaiaia

7. Detecting Outlier on Intrusion Detection System Using Data Set of System Calls.
Dahliyusmanto Dahlan, Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Marina Md. Arshad

8. Analysis of the Internet Worm of August 2003.
S. Hussain, Y. Hassan, K. El-Badawi and K. Salah

Session 3A: Networking

Session Chair: Dr. A. Al-Mulhem

9. Adaptive Fuzzy Active Queue Management.
M. Jalili-Kharaajoo, F. H. Roudsari, A. Dehestani and H. H. Fesharaki

10. Online Scheduling Algorithms For CDMA Data Networks.
M. A. Razzaque, Ashraf S. H. Mahmoud

11. Cache Poisoning in S-ARP and Modifications.
Omkant Pandey, Vipul Goyal

12. Agile Methods and CMMI-SW: Dancing Elephant on the Internet Zone.
Ghazi I. Alkhatib

Session 3B: Distributed Computing I

Session Chair: Dr. B. A. Al-Johar

13. Towards a Web Services Composition Approach for Establishing Virtual Enterprises: A Software Agent-based perspective.
Z. Maamar and G. Alkhatib

14. A Modular Distributed Telerobotic Client-Server System.
M. Al-Mouhamed, M.Nazeeruddin, and A. Iqbal

15. A Hierarchical Approach to The Formal Verification of Distributed Systems.
Mohamed Larbi, Rebaiaia and Jihad Mohamad, Jaam

16. An Intelligent Approach for Integrity of Heterogeneous and Distributed Databases Systems Based on Mobile Agents.
M. Anber and O. Badawy

Session 4A: e-Commerce & e-Education

Session Chair: Dr. S. Abduljauwad

17. Interactions between e-Learning and Multiagents.
Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif, Chafia Hamdi-Cherif

18. Application of e-Commerce for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.
Omer F. Demirel, Hayrettin Zengin

19. Use of Internet for Online Course Delivery: A Case Study.
Sahalu Junaidu

20. Computer-Assisted Online Continuing Education Offered at Washington State University.
C. R. Dhein and M. A. Memon

Session 4B: Mobile Computing

Session Chair: Dr. M. Mandurah

21. The Proxygator Server-Side Wireless Toolkit.
Dushiant Kochhar and Abdelsalam (Sumi) Helal

22. Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) for Mobile Users.
Moustafa El-shafei

23. Operating System Support for CPU Power Management Mobile Devices.
Y.Hasan,U.Khan, M.Naji, K. Salah

24. Call Admission Control in Third Generation Mobile Networks.
M. Fariborz, M. Ferdowsizadeh and S. Yousefi

Session 5: Keynote Speeches II

Session Chair: Mr. J. Al-Dabal

III. Pervasive Computing for Successful Aging.
Prof. A. A. Helal

IV. Al-Madina Munawwarah e-Goverment Program.
Mr. M. F. Mujaddadi

Session 6A: Distributed Computing II

Session Chair: Dr. G. R. Khalifa

25. Improving Internet-Based SCADA Systems Using Java and XML.
Lahouari Cheded, Omur Toker, and Ramadan A. Fan

26. Framework for Extensions to XML-based Network Management.
Mohammed Houssaini, Sqalli and Shaik Sirajuddin

27. A Ubiquitous Approach for Next Generation Information Systems.
Tarek H. El-Basuny

28. Hybrid Content Networking Architecture.
Muhammad Rehan Sami

Session 6B: Theoretical Computing

Session Chair: Dr. M. G. Khayat

29. A Proof and Improvement on Burrows-Wheeler Transform.

30. Embedding of Hypercubes in to Complete Binary Trees.
Paul Manuel, Indra Rajasingh, Jasintha Quadras

31. Methods of Protecting the Stack Overflow Vulnerability.
Z.Muzaffar, A.Rasheed, K. Salah

32. Combining Multiple Classifiers System (CMC System) for Mining Distributed Databases Using Meta-Learning Approaches.
Yousry El-Gamal, Osama Badawy, Ashraf Al-Jerjawy

Session 7A: Performance Evaluation II

Session Chair: Dr. H.Cornelius

33. Two Exact Analytical Models for Evaluating Performance of Gigabit Ethernet Hosts.
Khaled Salah

34. SINR Performance Comparison of an Adaptive and Switched Beam Technique for WCDMA System.
Tito Yuwono, Mahamod Ismail, Ahmad Jais Alias

35. Performance of Secured Communications over Bluetooth.
S. A. Shaikh And S. Mills

36. Simulation Study on Internet Applications over DSL Access Network:KFUPM Campus as an example.
Uthman Baroudi, Saeed Bawazir and Wael Hamri

37. A Fast and Efficient Algorithm for Multiclass Support Vector Machines Classifier.
E. A. El-Sebakhy

Session 7B: Applications I

Session Chair: Dr. A. Mirza

38. Web-based Traffic System.
M. Hassan, A. Malik and I. A. Hakim

39. Lithofacies Recognition Supporting Tools.
Inhauma Neves Ferraz, Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia

40. Web Services-Based Hajj Information System.
Harmain M. Harmain, Hazem El Khatib, Naumn Saeed, Badr Aljohar

41. Wavelet Based Speech Compression for VOIP Applications.
Noman Ahmed, A. Q. K. Rajput, Naveed Ahmed Junejo

Session 8: Keynote Speeches III

Session Chair: Dr. S. Al-Semari

V. Knowledge Management Inventing Our Future Today.
Dr. M. A. Al-Ansari

VI. The Convergence of Computing and Communication.
Dr. H. Cornelius

Session 9A: Distributed Computing III

Session Chair: Dr. M. Al-Ahmadi

42. A Web Based System for Capturing Outlines of 2D Objects.
Muhammad Sarfraz, Asif Masood and M. Rafiq Asim

43. Application Intelligence Framework: A Praxis Taxonomy for Internet Developers.
Waleed Nema

44. Using Semantic for Ubiquitous Computing.
Michele Courant, Beat Hirsbrunner, Samir Sitaleb and T. Amine

Session 9B: Applications II

Session Chair: Dr. Talal Halawani

45. Online Arabic Character Recognition for Handheld Devices.
Khaled Al- Ghoneim

46. A Methodology and a Tool for Model-Based Verification and Simulation of Web Services Compositions.
Al-Gahtani Ali, Al-Muhaisen Badr And Dekdouk Abdelkader

47. Real-Time Operations Intelligence.
Fayez T. Kharbat and Ahmed M. Al-Marzooq

48. Design and FPGA Implementation of Low Power Punctured Soft Decision Viterbi Decoder.
Habibullah Jamal and Zaheer Ahmed

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