ICS253 (071)

Discrete Structure I

Note 10

Mathematical Induction

First principal of mathematical Induction.

Note 9

Sequence, summations, Infinite sets

Sequence, summations, Infinite sets.

Note 8


Functions; Types of Functions; Inverse and Composition Functions.

Note 7

Sets operations

Set Operations; Set Identities; Generalized Unions and Intersections; Computer Representation of Sets; The cardinality of the union of sets.

Note 6


Sets, Equal Sets, Subsets; Cardinality of Finite Sets; Power Sets; Cartesian Products.

Note 5

Proof Strategy

Proof Strategy; Forward and Backward Reasoning; Leveraging Proof by Cases; Conjecture; Uniqueness Proofs; Additional Proof Methods.

Note 4

Methods of Proof

General Philosophy; Rules of Inference; Rules of Inference for Quantifiers; Fallacies; Types of Proof.

Note 3

Predicate Logic

Predicates and Quantifiers; Existential and Universal Quantification; Translating Sentences using Quantifiers; Numerical Quantification.

Note 2

Propositional Logic 2

Validity and Propositional Equivalences; Showing Equivalence using Truth Tables; Showing Equivalence using Symbolic Manipulations.

Note 1

Propositional Logic

Introduction to Propositional Logic; Operations on Propositions; Truth Tables; Translating Sentences into Logical Expressions.