COE360: Principles of VLSI Design


Course Outline

Course Handouts:

        Hand outs are in the library (semiconductor basic concepts) 


        A graph showing electron and hole mobility in Si is here.

        The handout on basic digital circuit's parameters is here.

        Some  course notes on scaling

Project Description and Resources ...

       061 project description


       A Short course on SPICE (and WinSpice3)


       A Nice tutorial on WinSpice


       Full Spice3 user's manual (link).

           login using your CCSE (unix) ID and password. Then go into the

          SharedFolder/IC Design Resources folder. Also check the WINSPICE manual.


       Download a self-extracting WinSpice from the same link above.


        If you have a problem with the above link then ftp to then change

            directory to /export/tools/material then go into the SharedFolder/IC Design Resources folder to

            get  what you need


       Spice Technology files: 0.5m, 5V Technology0.35m, 3.3V Technology ,

                                                   0.25m, 2.5V Technology and 0.18m, 1.8V Technology


       WinSpice example files: The class exampleDC analysis of an NMOS inverter

                                                          & Transient analysis of the same circuit


       5Spice Installation folder (just copy to your Z drive)


         Magic Resources (These are from Dr. El-Maleh's web and will open in a separate window)

                  Setting up your Magic Account

                   Magic Tutorials: tut1, tut2, tut3, tut4, tut5, tut6, tut7, tut8, tut9, tut10, tut11

                   Magic & Irsim source code (magic6.5)

                   Download Magic for W2000 from \\coe-elrabaa\SharedFolder\Magic\Magic for W2000

                   Download Magic for XP from \\coe-elrabaa\SharedFolder\Magic\Magic for XP

                   Magic layers  (Cheat-sheet)

                 Also there are two shared folders on my machine's C drive (\\coe-elrabaa):

                     one contains the Magic Technology files for the three technologies (TechFiles)

                      and another for a self-extracting WinSpice (Spice 3 for windows). The technology

                    files include a PAD_ESD standard cell library. The  documentations for the PAD library

                      and for logic standard cells (useful to see how a professional layouts looks like).


Here is a sample of an excellent Phase II of the project


Here is another sample of an excellent Phase II of the project


Here are some practice layouts ...


Assignments & Quizzes

Here are some hints for solving MOS circuits ...

        Assign #1    


        Assign #2           


        Assign #3        


        Assign #4 


        Assign #5


       Assign #6    


       Assign #7       


       Assign #8    


      Assign #9