Setting up your Account for Magic 



Edit your .cshrc file from the unix home directory and do the following

        Insert the statement set   path=($path    /tools/magic/bin) after the original set path statement in the file

        Insert the statement setenv   CAD_HOME    /tools/magic after that 

        Save the file and exit 

        Execute the command source   .cshrc  from the unix prompt

        To check that what you did is correct execute the command which    magic. If you get /usr/local/bin/magic it means your setup is correct. Otherwise, see me to help you.

        Create a directory called magic in your account using the command mkdir   magic 

        Move to this directory using the command cd   magic 

        Copy magic files from my account using the command cp   ~elrabaa/setup/*   .   (Note that the dot is part of the command)

        Run tutorial 1 using the command magic   tut1 from your magic directory