CISE302: Linear Control Systems

Catalog Description: Linear systems, Modeling of physical systems, Ordinary Differential equations models, transfer functions, block diagram manipulation. open loop and close loop systems, time domain analysis, response of systems to different test signals, Steady state analysis.  Concept of stability, Routh-Hurwitz criteria, controller design. Laboratory activities include modeling, analysis and simulation of physical processes.

Syllabus :    CISE302_syllbus (Term 081) (pdf)



Lecture Notes (pdf)

CISE 302_lecture3_Laplace Transform.pdf


CISE 302_lecture4_Inverse Laplace Transform.pdf

CISE302_081_Lecture5_Properties of Laplace Transform.pdf

CISE302_081_Lecture6_Solving DifferentialEquations.pdf

CISE302_081_Lecture7_Transfer functions.pdf


Solved Examples (pdf)

Laplace Transform SP3.1 SP3.2 SP3.3              
Inverse Laplace Transform SP4.1 SP4.2 SP4.3 SP4.4 SP4.5 SP4.6 SP4.7 SP4.8 SP4.9 SP4.10
Properties of Laplace Transform SP5.1 SP5.2 SP5.3