CISE 204: Design of Digital Systems

Syllabus (Sep 2004): SE 311_sylbus_041.pdf

Lecture Notes (pdf)

Lecture1: Introduction to digital Systems

Lecture 2: Introduction to number Systems

Lecture 3: Complements and arithmetic

Lecture 4: Binary Logic

Lecture 5: Binary Logic II

Lecture 6: Logic Functions

Lecture 7: Gate Level Minimization

Lecture 8: Gate Level Minimization II

Lecture 9: NAND and NOR Implementation

Lecture 10: _XOR ODD EVEN Parity

Sample HWs


SE 311_Term_041_HW2

SE 311_Term 041_HW3

SE 311_Term 041_HW4

SE 311_Term 041_HW5

SE 311_Term 041_HW6

SE 311_Term 041_HW7

Sample Quizzes

SE 311_041_Quiz1

SE 311_041_Quiz2