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The Foundation Work

The foundation work for the establishment of nanotechnology was started by Dr. Ahmad soon after the visit of Professor S. Akbar from June 21-25 2003 in which he spoke on Ceramic Oxide and Nanostructures for chemical sensing and multidisciplinary team work. Dr Zaki Ahmad was the coordinator of the program and involved with all stages of the program.
The above presentation provided an initiative for the development of nanoactivities in the department. Nano activities were scarce in the kingdom in 2003. The chairman of M.E department encouraged Dr. Zaki Ahmad to initiate academic and research activities.

The enthusiasm expressed by a large number of participating faculty members in the multidisciplinary areas of nanotechnology and sensors was the major driving force for organizing the first workshop on sensors and nanostructured materials. The workshop was given by Prof. S. A. Akbar. The details of the workshop are shown in appendix 2. Dr. Zaki Ahmad was the coordinator of this workshop. Dr. Zaki Ahmad also gave a presentation on nanotechnology. The remarks of the chairman, Dr. Faleh Al Sulaiman pointed out to the dedicated services rendered by Dr. Zaki Ahmad. This workshop was attended by forty seven faculty members with a consistent attendance. Nanotechnology generated an overwhelming interest amongst the faculty. This can be rightly termed as the beginning of the nanotechnology era in KFUPM. At the conclusion of the workshop an outline of laboratory activities and students projects were planned. A key conclusion at the end of the workshop was the resolution of the 47 members to form a nanotechnology group in kfupm and plans were being prepared. (It is to be noted that an alternative group was formed by some faculty members of other department at the conclusion of a KACST meeting in nanotechnology in Sept 05). Hence, this group was replaced by a ME nanofocus group (Coordinator Dr. Zaki Ahmad).

Introduction of Nanotechnology in ME curriculum

A ME 4XX course Principles of Nano structured materials and sensor technology was designed and submitted for inclusion in ME curriculum. It is the first course to be submitted by ME department in the area of nanotechnology. Dr. Zaki Ahmad designed the course in consultation with Prof S. A. Akbar.

Lab Planning

A special assignment was given to Dr. Zaki Ahmad to make plans for a nanotechnology and sensors lab. The report submitted contains the layout, complete resources for nano equipment, outline of projects in nanotechnology, application of equipment and furniture design. All these tasks relating to nanotechnology were highly challenging and accomplished successfully by Dr. Zaki Ahmad.
This was followed by another challenging assignment  by Dr. Zaki Ahmad on market survey of equipment, potential contractual agreements with other institutions inside and outside the kingdom and exploring avenues for training for engineers and faculty in the field of nanotechnology. This assignment also included the survey of the new experimental techniques which can be utilized by the faculty working in nanotechnology.

Latest attempt in providing learning opportunities in nanotechnology

A series of six lectures on nanotechnology was held exclusively for all kfupm faculty members from Dec 10-17th, 2006. The series of lectures was given by Prof S. A. Akbar. Dr. Zaki Ahmad was the coordinator of the lecture series and forty seven faculty members registered for the lectures.


A small nanotechnology lab in Room 20 #120 is being equipped. Because of the administrative difficulties the operation of the lab was delayed. It is expected to be in operation by September2007. Dr. Zaki Ahmad is the director of this lab and he is involved from the planning to operation and administration of the lab.