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Journal articles from 2004 onwards

Zaki Ahmad, M. Ahsan, “Nanopaints for desert environment”, Journal of Materials Performance, NACE, November 06, P 31-33.

This paper describes the production of a nanopaint for the kingdoms environment . It is the first work in the kingdom related to the development of nanopaints.

Articles submitted

Zaki Ahmad, B.J. Aleem, “Corrosion resistance of plasma sprayed nanostructured titanium dioxide coatings to erosion corrosion in 3.5% NaCl containing polystyrene particles”, In cooperation with Sulzer Metco, New York
Zaki Ahmad, M. Ahsan, “Effect of surface morphology of Plasma air sprayed and high velocity oxyfuel nanostructured titanium dioxide coatings to localized corrosion”, Journal of Metals, In cooperation with Sulzer Metco, New York
Zaki Ahmad, M. Ahsan, “The effect of conventional and nano titanium dioxide particles on selected properties of paints for harsh environments”
Articles under preparation (expected to be submitted by 15th April, 2007)
Zaki Ahmad, M. Ahsan, “Microstructural characteristics, mechanical properties and corrosion characteristics of nanostructured Ni coatings”
Zaki Ahmad, M. Ahsan, “Mechanical and corrosion characteristics of HVOF sprayed Nanostructured titanium dioxide coatings”
Conference Papers
Zaki Ahmad and M. Ahsan, “Development of nanopaints for sea coastal desert environment”, 2007 Nanomaterials” Fabrication, properties and Applications, TMS,  Warrandale, USA (Full paper accepted)
Technical articles
Zaki Ahmad and M. Abbas, Nanotubes, Nano Fibres and nano wires, potentials and applications. (Published on A-Z nano site, A-Z Journal of nanotechnology. www. Aznano.com/ search results. The expert profile has been linked to www.aznano.com/experts (Sept 04, 2006)
Dr. Zaki Ahmad, A review of Structure synthesis and application of nanocrystalline materials for materials scientists and engineers.www.aznano.co/experts (Sept 04, 2006)