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KACST Project Approved (AR 26-113)

Development of technology of TiO2 doped nanocoating for the harsh environment of Saudi Arabia (Dr. Zaki Ahmad PI, Dr. F. Sulaiman (C.I), Dr Z. Yemani (Physics) C.I, Dr. N. Tabet (Physics) PI, Dr A. Hamid (R.I), C.I, Mr B. J. Aleem (C.I), Mr. M. Ahsan(D. Engg).

It has been approved for 25 months. It was the first project to be submitted in KACST in nanotechnology at the invitation of Vice Rector for research in July 2005
CES Project

The use of nanoparticles in development of long life and self cleaning coatings in harsh environment (Dr. Zaki P.I), Mr. M. Ahsan  (C.I), Mr. B. J. Aleem (C.I)

The project was successfully completed and the report submitted. It was the only project on nanotechnology in CES grant scheme
International Research Projects

SULZER METCO (Westbury, NY, USA) Evaluation of Nanostructured Titanium dioxide coatings for harsh environments (Dr. Zaki P.I & coordinator), Dr. Chris Perdikins  (coordinator, Sulzer Metco)

SIGMA PAINTS INTERNATIONAL, Dammam. Development of Nanopaints fpr desert environment. Dr. Zaki Ahmad (PI)