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Industrial Projects
Control of degradation of hot water pipes in a residential complex of Sakai Corporation, Tehran, Iran (1973).
Control of condenser tubes failures in power plants run by Tavaneer Corporation, Tehran, Iran (1973-1975).
Analysis of material failures in aircraft accidents, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Tehran, Iran (1978).
Protection of materials, coatings, and materials evaluation, Ministry of War, Tehran, Iran (1973-74).
Evaluation of offshore steel structures, Ministry of Shipping, Tehran, Iran (1982-83). 
Evaluation of problems and selection of materials for desalination plants, Institute of Water and Energy, Iran (1973-1977).
Control of condenser tube failures in power plants, Tavaneer Company, Tehran, Iran. 
Corrosion Problem in Steel Plants, Karachi, Pakistan (1985).
Corrosion in Power Generation System (Abha, K.S.A.) 1999.
International Projects
The Effect of Flow Induced Corrosion on the Corrosion Resistance of Cu-Ni Alloys and Steel in Seawater Containing Suspended Solid Particles (Approved by KACST and the Ministry of Science & Technology, Germany)(1982-84).
Aluminum Alloy Development Project with Aluminum Metals, Ranshofen, Austria (1985-1988).
Pilot-Plant Testing of Aluminum Alloys for  Desalination Application with G. K. S. S., Geesthacht, Germany (1982-85).
Development of a Modified Aluminum Bronze as a Tube Material for Heat Exchangers (in cooperation with Metallgessellschaft, A.G., Frankfurt, Germany) 1974-1976. 
Long Term Testing of Steel and Aluminum Alloys in Arabian Gulf Water (A Joint-Project approved by KFUPM and the Ministry of Technology, Austria, 1980-1984.   
Kinetics of High Temperature High Pressure Oxidation and Reduction of Hydrogen and Oxygen in Steel Surfaces.  (Investigators  D. McDonald, Z. Ahmad, and S.Lvov) January 1995-February 1996.  Completed.  Penn State University, Center for Advanced Materials, University Park, Penn, USA.
Developing a centre for sensors (Ohio State University, U.S.A.).  
SULZER METCO (Westbury, NY, USA) Evaluation of Nanostructured Titanium dioxide coatings for harsh environments (Dr. Zaki P.I & coordinator), Dr. Chris Perdikins  (coordinator, Sulzer Metco)
SIGMA PAINTS INTERNATIONAL, Dammam. Development of Nanopaints fpr desert environment. Dr. Zaki Ahmad (PI)
National Projects
Erosion-Corrosion of Al-SiC Metal Matrix Composite, Principal Investi-gator (KACST, AR-14-65) (1994-1998).  (Funded by KACST)
Effect of Intermetallic Compounds on the Corrosion Mechanism of Al-Metal Matrix Composites (MSS-313), Principal Investigator (1999-2001).  (Funded by KACST)
Corrosion Behavior of Copper Beryllium Alloys for Hot Salt Water Applications.  In progress, Principal Investigator (1999-2001). SABIC Project
Current Projects
Suitability of Cu-Be alloys for salt-water applications.  KFUPM/SABIC Project.  Starting date September 1999.
Effect of intermetallics and ceramic particles on initiation and control of localized corrosion in an Al-SiC composite, KACST Project M.9.313.
Effect of scandium addition on the mechanical behaviour and corrosion resistance of Al-Mg alloys (KACST Project)
Development of corrosion sensors for industries (in cooperation with Ohio State University).
Development of Scandium containing alumina alloys for seawater application of Al-Sic composites.
Corrosion mechanics and application potentials of Al-Sic composites.
Corrosion on CD-ROM : presentation of fundamental corrossion engineering course (Approved by KFUPM )
Development of technology of TiO2 doped nanocoating for the harsh environment of Saudi Arabia (Dr. Zaki Ahmad PI, Dr. F. Sulaiman (C.I), Dr Z. Yemani (Physics) C.I, Dr. N. Tabet (Physics) PI, Dr A. Hamid (R.I), C.I, Mr B. J. Aleem (C.I), Mr. M. Ahsan(D. Engg).
The use of nanoparticles in development of long life and self cleaning coatings in harsh environment (Dr. Zaki P.I), Mr. M. Ahsan  (C.I), Mr. B. J. Aleem (C.I)