Dr. Moustafa Elshafei

مصطفى الشافعي

Department of Systems Engineering

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals






Contact Information

Department of Systems Engineering
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
KFUPM Box 405,Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia 
Tel: 966 (03) 860 4515, Fax: 860 2965
Email: elshafei@kfupm.edu.sa
Web address

Office: bldg 22/135

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Current Research Interest

  Neural Networks applications, intelligent instrumentation, Soft Sensing and industrial automation.

  Intelligent human machine interface, robotics, and  pattern recognition.

   Digital Signal Processing, speech processing, speech processing for Arabic language, and Arabic speech recognition  

  Computational Methods in Bioinformatics.

  See my recent publications.

  See also our open source Arabic Text-to-Speech system, web site.  ATTS website

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Areas of Experise

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Teaching (recent courses)

SE 207 Dynamic Modeling and Simulation

SE 301 Numerical Methods

SE 302 Linear Control Systems

SE 311 Digital Logic Design

SE 312 Instrumentation and Measurement

SE 417 Microprocessor in Automation Systems

SE 439 Advanced Process Control

SE 438 Instrumentation for Process Control

SE 502 Industrial Automation

SE 516 Microcomputer Based Measurement Systems

SE 515 Distributed Computer Control


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Selected Projects (industrial/research)

1- CI, " Virtual PVT Lab, Prediction of oil PVT properties using Neural Network", ARAMCO/RI project#CPM2255
2- CI, " Using Neural Networks to Estimate Petrophysical Properties of Sandstone Reservoirs from NMR Measurements", (FT-KFUPM) 2007-2008
3- CI, " Estimation of Quality of Reduced Iron in Direct Reduction Furnaces", (SABIC/KFUPM) project, 2007-2008.
4- CI, "Prototype Development of a Commercial-Scale Retrofitting CNC Systems”, CCSE innovation project, 2005.
5- PI, " Inferential Sensing Techniques for Process Emission Monitoring", SABIC project #SAB2004/06. (2004-2005)
6- PI, "Development of a Recognition Engine for Natural Arabic Speech",  KACST  project, (SR630,000), 2005-2008.
  CI,” Automatic Arabic Text Diacritizer”, KACST project, 2004-2006.
7- PI, "Hybrid ANN/HMM Models for Speech Recognition", Fast Track Project #FT2004/06.(2004-2005)
8- CI, “A Comparative Study of Unconstrained Functional Networks and Support Vector Machines for Thalassemia Screening”, KFUPM 2006.
10- CI, "An Experimental Arabic Text-To-Speech System",  KACST project, (SR465,000 ), 2000-2004.
11- ......., "Neural Network model for Speech Recognition", CITO project, Canada, 2001-2003.
12- ........,"Study of the effect of VoIP packet loss on the speech recognition error rate", Mitel-Carleton project, 2001-2002.
13- ........, " Speech Coding technique for Multimedia Environment", Internal project, 1998-1999.
14- ........," Vector Quantization of Speech using space filling Curves", Internal Project, 1997-1999.
15- ........, "Fast heuristics for the Radar pulse interleaving problem", 1999-2002.
16- ........," Design and specifications of an on-line measurement and quality control system for the Pipe production line", PVC Pipes and Products (PPP) Co., Egypt, 1995-1996.
17- ........," Development of Speech enhancing software", the Egyptian Broadcasting Studios, 1995.
18- ........., "An Expert System for Agriculture Machinery", Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt. 1995-1996.
19- .........,"Design and Implementation of an Inspection station for a TV production Line", Ahmad Bahgat Electronic Industry, 1995-1996
20- ........, "Design and Implementation of a Secure Digital Speech Communication System", KACST PROJECT # NP-SAMIS (PHASE-II) (SR 775,000),1991-1993.
21- ........., "Design and Implementation of a Secure Digital Speech Communication System", KACST PROJECT # NP-SAMIS (1,0861,000 SR), 1989-1991.
22- ........., "Design and implementation of CID recording stations", Department of Civil defense, Saudi Arabia.
23- ........," Evaluation of Yanbu Marine Instrumentation Computer", Research Institute Project (SR120,000)1988/1989.
24- ........," Design and Implementation of Bilingual advertising display terminal", Telematique, MASS, 1984.
25- ........," Design and Implementation of Wireless Local Area Networks", TechMan Corporation, MASS, 1984-1987.
26- ........," Simulation and Control of long Freight Trains", Funded by the Canadian Institute of Guided Ground Transport, 1982.

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Professional Societies

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Hobbies/Personal Interests

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