Dr. Moustafa Elshafei

Rm 22/135  Tel: 4515

Topics for Senior Projects

1-     CNC Retrofitting: This is a continuation of a project in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Department to convert upgrade a an NC machine to CNC machine. In the previous projects students automate the x,y & z motion. In this project the entire machine should be monitored and controlled by the computer. The project involves replacement/design of new interfaces and sensors, integration with existing the hardware/sofwre for motion control, and possibly building  building computer software or machine interface using LabView software. Two students may undertake such project.



2- Remotely controlled mobile robot. The project aims at building a multi axis mobile robot which can be controlled from remote PC using wireless network. The system will be provided with video, audio, and data communication.  Two or more students are needed for such project.


3-  Design of intelligent Geo-station, ( Signal analysis using Matlab, sensor interface, and GUI using Labview or Visual Basic) . The developed system can replace the existing earth quack  recorders, analyze the received signal, estimate the strength of the earth quacks, and can be remotely accessed by the earth science faculty by internet.  


4- Design and Implementation of  of a microcontroller-based smart control valve. The board will replace the existing malfunction boards.


5- Design of speech and vision interface for a 5 axis-robot arm for SciTech


6- The Systems Engineering Department receives a number of proposed topics from ARAMCO. Please contact me directly to obtain the description of these projects.


7- Flood Warning System. This an on going project with the Mechanical Engineering Department to build an appropriate sensor  for monitoring flood water level at remote stations, and send wireless messages to warning signs on the highways. The system is to operate using solar panels and it should be able to withstand the harsh dessert environment.