Dr. Moustafa Elshafei

Rm 22/135  Tel: 4515

Topics for Master and Ph.D. students


1-     Arabic speech recognition system. The objective is to use the a speech recognition system developed at Carnegie Mellon University and train
it for Arabic speech recognition. There is a number of issues and extensions that could cover several Master and Ph.D. topics.  A limited RA compensation
is also available from an approved KFUPM project

2-     Arabic Text-to-Speech System. We developed a complete Arabic Text-to-Speech system during the last four years through a KACST project.
Now, we need to fine tune several rules, improve the speech synthesis algorithm, and build a standard API for windows application, preferably using
JavaSpeech frame work. (student can select any subtopic).


3- Application of Neural Network to emission monitoring. This is a part of Approved SABIC Project. (completed).

4- Application of Space Filling Curve (SFC) to image processing,including exploration of new structure for SFC/neural networks and fuzzy/SFC modeling.

5-     Several topics in Bioinformatics are available. For example, the problem of multiple alignment of proteins (discovering structure similarity
among a set of  protein sequences), and interpretation and optimization of DNA microarrays. This is the problem of identification of a DNA sequence
from interpretation of similarity results between the unknown DNA and a large number of known DNA segments.


6- Applications of AI and data mining techniques in control, maintenance, and decision making.


7- Investigation of mathematical models and optimization methods for software testing, verification, and maintenance.


8- Application of AI techniques in interpretation of oil well logs, prediction of payzones, techniques for better parameterization of NMR for prediction of hydrocarbon potential.

9- Modeling, simulation, identification of oil/gas separation plants. Optimization of the operation of the plant.

10- We have an automated guided vehicle, which is currently remotely controlled by computer using wireless network. We would like to expand the project in hardware functionalities as well in its intelligent software for autonomous operation.


11- Mathematical modeling and simulation of  dynamic supply chain network.