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During the period 19-22 Rabi-II, 1436 (8-11 February, 2015), I presented a short course to a group of about fifty junior and senior KFUPM students in 62-111. Here is a copy of the material. Of course, the discussion and interaction was much more fun!!

On Tuesday, the 14th of Rabi-II, 1436 (February 3rd, 2015), I delivered a seminar, organized by the Chemical Engineering Students Club, at KFUPM (4-125). Here is a copy of the presentation, in addition to the .rar compressed audio recording.

On the 16th of Shawwal 1432 (14th of September, 2011), I gave a new-academic year welcome presentation that introducers campus newcomers to the activities of CENT. Click here for a copy of the presentation: An Overview of CENT-developing nanomaterials for petroleum and petrochemicals applications.

 Note the Youtube link:

Invited as a Key-note speaker at the 8th CHEMINDIX (Oct. 18-20, 2010; Bahrain, to present "The Role of Nanotechnology in the Petroleum and Petrochemicals Industries". (presentation, audio)


Invited by the Saudi Council of Engineers/ Jubail Coordination Committee to present "Nanotechnology for the Petrochemicals Industry: CENT as an example.." on 15-7-1431/ 27th of June, 2010. (presentation, audio)


Invited to present at the KFUPM IEEE Week, I delivered a presentation on "Nanotechnology: it is impact on our present and future", on 11-6-1431 H. (presentation, audio)


As part of the 1st KFUPM Research Day, I was given the opportunity to present a talk about: Nanotechnology Research on Campus. (presentation, audio). (18 Jumada-I, 1431/ 2nd of May, 2010)


في إحدى الديوانيـّات بالخبر (28 ربيع ثاني، 1431 هـ)، دعيت لإلقاء محاضرة عامة حول تقنية النانو، فوفقني ربي لهذا العرض و هذا تسجيله الصوتي.

A presentation given, in Arabic, at a Deewaniyyah in Al-Khobar, to non-specialists, about nanotechnology (presentation, audio). (28 Rabi-II, 1431/ 13th April, 2010)


دعيتُ في المؤتمر العربي حول الآثار التنموية و الاقتصادية لتقنيات النانو (في 12 ربيع الثاني، 1431 هـ) لإلقاء محاضرة حول "أبحاث تقنية النانو بجامعة الملك فهد للبترول و المعادن تحقيق لرؤية خادم الحرمين الشريفين". للاطلاع على العرض، اضغط هنا. و للاستماع للتسجيل الصوتي اضغط هنا.

A presentation which I delivered about nanotechnology at the Arab Conference on the Developmental and Economic Impact of Nanotechnology (AC-DEINT) can be found here. Click here for the audio recording. (11-13 Rabi-II, 1431/ 27-29th March, 2010)


  • عرض محاضرة عامة في النانوتكنولوجيا عنوانها 

النانوتكنولوجيا: صيحة العصر و حلول المستقبل (و لكن من غير تسجيل صوتي)



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