Personal Information



Name: Zain Hassan Yamani                (Vitae)

Date of Birth: 25-3-1389/ 6-10-1969

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Family: Married, three daughters (Asma, Sarah and Mariam) and two son (Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain)



  •             BSc. Physics/ KFUPM (1991)
  •             Masters Physics/ KFUPM  (1993)
  •             Masters Physics/ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1995)
  •             Ph.D. Physics/ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1999)


·         Director, Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology @ KFUPM (,

·         Associate Professor of Physics [Condensed Matter],  Physics Dept. KFUPM



·         Board Member of The Saudi Physics Society (SPS) (

·        Director, Teachers’ Division/ SPS

·         Member of: SPS, APS, AAPT, OSA, ACS, FKF


     Interests: Popularizing Sciences, Teaching & Research, Reading, Social Services


   Awarded by King Abdullah: The King Abdul-Aziz Medal of the First Type

      for his scientific accomplishment!!


     Office phone:       (+966)3-860-4363

     Office fax:            (+966)3-860-7264



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last up-dated: Rabi-II, 1431