As a Certified e-Commerce Consultant, I do not actively look for company consulting assignments, although I do undertake them on occasion. Instead, I prefer to do in-company/house teaching assignments at the management level. Notwithstanding, I have advised and continue to advise a lot of SMEs in Ghana and major companies in Saudi Arabia. I have also been part of some major consultancy projects in recent years.





I supervise at least three co-op students' projects at KFUPM every semester. My students are involved in projects such as helping their host companies find new markets in other parts of the world and setting up of new marketing departments. 

Previously, I have also supervised the following MBA theses and project works at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration Business School (GIMPA Business School).

1. Title: The Preference Gap: Consumer Attitudes Towards Local and Imported Products

    Year: 2007, Degree: EMBA

    Student Name: Patrick Akorli,  Currently: CEO, Ghana Oil Company Ltd, Accra, Ghana.

    Have published a paper with him at African Journal of Business Management

 2. Title: The Impact of Marketing Culture on Marketing Effectiveness at Multi Telecom Services

    Year: 2007, Degree: EMBA

    Student Name: Rex Fafa Dogoe, Currently: PhD student at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee, UK

3. Title: An Evaluation of the Strategies of the Trust Bank in the Competitive Banking Environment in    Ghana

    Year: 2008, Degree: MBA

    Student Name: Irene Ackuaku, Currently: Finance and Controls Dept, The Ecobank, Accra, Ghana









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