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Technical Books

Corrosion Engineering Principles for Engineering Students.

Zaki Ahmad

This book utilizes a novel approach in presentation, it is profusely illustrated and covers topics which have not been covered in any textbook on corrosion engineering.  Each chapter is accompanied by a large number of multiple choices and review questions.  A large number of solved and unsolved problems accompany each chapter.

Status:  Published through Elsevier Science Publishers, London, August 2006.

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Review # 2

Review # 3

Principles of Corrosion Engineering CD ROM

Zaki Ahmad, B.J. Abdul Aleem and I.S. Hussaini

Lab experiments and field case studies with self-assessment questions. It is expected to gain good popularity among the corrosion community.

To be published by NACE International, USA (under review by NACE).

Techniques in Corrosion Engineering

Zaki Ahmad  

It is the first book on the subject to present a basic theory related to the techniques and stepwise techniques employed in research laboratory and field studies (used as Laboratory Text for Corrosion course at KFUPM, Dhahran).

Contributed Chapters & Articles
Zaki Ahmad, in Strength of Metals and Alloys, Ed. R. C. Gifkins, Vol. 1, Pergamon Press, (1982).
Zaki Ahmed, contributed an article in Corrosion Industry Problem, Treatment and Control Techniques, Ed. V. Ashworth, Pergamon Press, Vol. 2, (1984), p.347.
Books for Special Courses
Zaki Ahmad, Extractive Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals (in Persian for internal distribution to students), published by Arya Mehr University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, (1974) (Persian).
Training Manuals
Zaki Ahmad, Fundamentals of Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy, a special volume prepared for training of Saudi Aramco engineers in electron microscopy, Nov. (1988).  As Editor.
Technical Editor
Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Corrosion, Arya Mehr University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, (1975).
Proceedings of the International Seminar on Materials in Nuclear Technology, Tehran, Iran, (1978).
Proceedings of First National Symposium on Metallurgy, West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, (1972).  It was the first ever symposium organized in Pakistan.
The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Corrosion Issue, 14(2), (1989).
The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Corrosion Issues, (1994)