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                                                                                           Mohammed Zahed Mustafa Khan

  Asssitant Professor

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    NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                         
    Research Openings Announcement !
    Master's and PhD research projects openings! Funding available for the students. Also, chance to work at KAUST and KSU. Interested students can contact me via email.
    Latest News
    July 2019: E. Alkhazraji and Qazi Tareq's paper got accepted in "Optics Communications"
    June 2019: Md. H. M. Shamim's paper got accepted in "IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics"
    June 2019: Md. H. M. Shamim and M. A. Shemis's paper got accepted in "Optics Communications"
    Mar 2019: Md. H. M. Shamim's paper got accepted in Conference of laser and electro-optics (CLEO) 2019, scheduled in May 2019.
    Feb 2019: Three ORL conference papers got accepted in IEEE-GCC 2019, scheduled in April 2019. Two papers are the result of reserch work by undergraduate senior students and the third paper is of Emad alkhazraji's.
    More News

    Optoelectronics research laboratory was established in Jan 2016 and aims at providing compact and energy efficient light sources solutions to the future internet and communication connectivity. The lab is working on two different wavelength regions and targeting particularly semiconductor laser diodes which forms a vital component of transmitters in optical communications.

    Improving the laser diode performance characteristics by providing physical insight to the device physics is one of the research directions the lab is working towards. Besides, assisting techniques to develop compact small-footprint and energy efficient sources for next generation optical access networks, visible light communication, is another focus of the lab. 



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