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                                                                                           Mohammed Zahed Mustafa Khan

  Asssitant Professor

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    Research Interests


    Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices

    III-V compound based quantum confined nanostructure active region lasers and superluminescent diodes (SLD).

    Broadband semiconductor laser diodes and SLDs

    Postgrowth bandgap engineering of InAs/InP and InAs/GaAs based quantum dash/dot devices via intermixing.

    Monolithic tunable semiconductor lasers.


    Optical Communications

    C and L band optical communication.

    Mode locking and injection locking.

    WDM system with fiber, and free space, as an optical channel.


    Modeling and Simulation of Optical Waveguides

    Rate equation modeling of semiconductor lasers and LEDs

    Modeling 2D and 3D passive optical devices for optical integrated circuits using method of lines numerical technique and incorporating Pade approximants.


    Research Focus

    Currently, I am working on:

    (i) Employing L-band broadband InAs/InP quantum dash lasers in optical communications, a step toward an energy efficient green communication.

    (ii) Performance improvement of Visible laser diodes for multi-discliplinary field applications besides visible light communication

    Please visit  "Optoelectronics Research Laboratory" website for more details




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