Satellite Communications

Introduction to satellite communication systems. Satellite orbits. The satellite channel. Satellite links. Earth stations. Modulation and multiplexing. Digital modulation. Multiple access and demand assignment. Satellite cross links. VSAT and mobile satellite systems.

Textbook : Satellite Communications, by T. Pratt, C. Bostian, and J. Allnutt

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  Arthur C. Clarke
         Extra-Terrestrial Relays
         Can Rocket Stations Give Worldwide Radio
         Coverage ?
     Introduction to Satellite Communications I
     Introduction to Satellite Communications II
     Satellite Orbits (Courtesy of Dr. Mahmoud Dawoud)
                                 Part 1,    Part 2,   Part 3,   Part 4,    Part 5

           Orbital Mechanice, Stanford Engineering

             Satellite Link Budget (Courtesy UET TAXILA) 
             Satellite  (Courtesy of Dr. Mahmoud Dawoud)
                              Part 1,    Part 2,   Part 3,   Part 4,
             GPS (Courtesy OSU Biosystems and Engineering)
             Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS)
                   (Courtesy Prof Karl M. Manheim)