Basic Skills

The Throw In

When the ball goes out of play, it must be put back into play by a ‘throw in’.  The key coaching points of the ‘throw in’ are:

  • Face target, feet shoulder width apart (or one in front of the other as long as they both remain on the ground when the ball is released).
  • Grip ball firmly with two hands.
  • Lean back and bring the ball over the head.
  • Transfer weight forward, quickly bring the arms forward and fully extend them at the point of release.
  • Ball is released in front of head.
  • Add a short run to generate momentum.
  • To avoid a foul throw, which would give possession away, the ball should start behind your head. Keep both your feet on the ground behind the touchline and throw the ball forward, not down.
  • Receiver should call for the ball and indicate where on their body they want to receive it.