There are a few general rules:-

  • Respect your elders.
  • Respect your teacher.
  • Respect the dojo.
  • Respect your opponent.
  • Finish what you begin.
  • Trust your friends.
  • Never retreat from a battle.

How to behave in the dojo:-

  • Always wear a clean and ironed taekwondo clouths. Clean hands, feet, short nails.
  • Don't wear sharp things (if you do not have a Dojo, do not wear pants with zippers etc.)
  • No jewelry allowed.
  • Don't drink, smoke or eat in the dojo (no chewing gum!) .
  • Be on time.
  • When entering and leaving the dojo, make a proper salute and Don't talk, unless it is urgent.
  • Dont bring ur car keys specialy that has a remote.