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400 Total Points:    


100 points for midterm exam

100 points for final exam (comprehensive)

100 points for final oral presentation (including written short business report)

50 points for quizzes

50 points for class work & case studies/ homework/short skills of presentations in class [grabber opening, transitions, explaining slides, professional closing]


Rules:    We will follow the written and published rules of KFUPM as printed in the University Student Handbook.  No exceptions allowed. 

The KFUPM rules regarding attendance will be strictly enforced. The grade of “DN” (which is a failing grade) will be given to students accumulating more than 6 (or 9 if the class is 50 minutes) unexcused absences (this grade will be reported immediately). Only official or medical excuses will be accepted (these excuses are approved by the University. Excuses from external institutions/hospitals are not directly acceptable. They must be approved by the University Clinic and Student Affairs). No excuse will be accepted if presented more than a week after the absence. No personal excuses will be entertained and none of these types of excuses should be advanced.

The rules regarding cheating will be strictly enforced. Acts of cheating and attempts to cheat will result in a grade of “F” in the course and will be reported to Students Affairs for further disciplinary action that may include dismissal from the University.

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Readings/Homework (subject to change, if we use the computer lab for some classes.)


DUE on (complete before class) : 

BEFORE class on Tuesday, Sept. 16 – Read chapter 1 in the textbook.  Read and study 3 Characteristics and 4 Steps of Communication.      In class discussion of A Model of Comm. interesting link about another model of communication Monolith of Misunderstanding,   Filter of the Mind.

 BEFORE  class on Sunday, Sept. 21  – Read  on the WebPage Listening   9 Keys to Effective Listening.  In-class we will have a game about Listening. Also read: (“How to Reach Different Audiences”);   Read Ch. 2.  Prepare for the in-class quiz on Chs. 1 & 2, and handouts/articles/class lectures. 

 BEFORE class on  Tuesday, 23 –   Read textbook, chapter 8, especially pages  about Purpose, Audience Analysis, Organizing the Message (based on audience), and Appeals.  Also see the Checklists.  See Model Letters .     Also, Read handouts on the WebPage (Methods of Organization) and (What Just Went Wrong)  Channel Richness Chart                   RE-READ: A Model of Comm.Monolith of Misunderstanding,   Filter of the Mind  (“How to Reach Different Audiences"

 Continue with Chapter 8.                                                                               Before class on Sunday, 28 Textbook, Read Chapter 9, especially about the Elements/Parts of the Bad News Message.  Also read Checklists.  See examples.                                                                                   We will discuss in class the structure and strategy of Bad News Messages.                                                                        Read on the WebPage  “How to Give Bad News”  and the powerpoint slides.                                                      Print out the case study Baba Shismo's Restaurant case  Instructions for Group work on Baba Shismo's     Bring the case study to class TODAY. GROUP FORMATION today.  Also re-read Appeals.

Before class on  Tuesday,  Sept. 30–  On the WebPage, study the format/advice about writing a short report (Short Report Format & How to Highlight Information) for business uses.                            EXAMPLE of highlighting                                  Baba Shismo's Restaurant case                                          In class work with your group on Baba Shismo's Restaurant case                                             Instructions for Group work on Baba Shismo's  

 Finish before the class on Sunday, OCT 5 HOMEWORK: Headings                       Continuation of Bad News Messages and class work. Instructions for Group work on Baba Shismo's         See Baba Shismo's Evaluation Sheet                    Prepare your letter on Bad News.                              Prepare for in-class meeting.                                                       Read on the Webpage How to Make Your Meeting a Success, Rather than a Mess.       (print out and have ready for class Sunday, October 12  )    Study: How to Answer Difficult Questions                                      Attention:  On Sunday, October 12 ------   QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ on all work from SEPT 23 to OCT 12.

In class on Tuesday, OCT 7 - Continue with in class work on letter and meeting work in groups.  THIS IS YOUR WORK.  GET INTO YOUR GROUP and get going!!!  Do not wait for me to start the class.

On Sunday, OCT 12 -- QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ on all work from SEPT 23 to OCT 12, inluding: Webpage How to Make Your Meeting a Success, Rather than a Mess.       5 P's of Presentations  and 6 Common Errors  and Webpage: “Rumor Management”           Skim Chapter 13 in textbook-- focus on Presentations only.  Read on Webpage, Gestures.   We will check the BABA SHISMO BAD NEWS message work you have done.

TUESDAY, Oct. 14 -- Brief review for MIDTERM exam.                   Today, you must finish your letter for BABA SHISMO's Bad News message case.

Midterm, Midterm, Midterm, Midterm         Thursday, October 16, in the morning 9 am to 10 am in (Rooms 120, 121 in Bldg. 24. Midterm exam covers work from First class in September, until and including Tuesday, October 14.     Make sure you come to the exam on time !!!

ADVICE    ADVICE   ADVICE   ADVICEKeep working on the Baba Shismo case with your group.  The DUE DATE is TUESDAY, OCT. 21.

In the class on Sunday, OCT 19 --  Review 5 P's of Presentations &  6 Common Errors, and the “How to Give Bad News”  handout.  And remind yourself about the  Baba Shismo's Restaurant case  Instructions for Group work on Baba Shismo's                                                              

Tuesday, OCT 21 -- Do the Baba Shismo Meeting in class.  Be ready, no excuses accepted.

Sunday, 26 (Ramadan)  This is an important class IMPORTANT: information and suggested topics for  Final Oral Presentation                    Choose one starting NOW! NOW! NOW!           Here is the Final Oral Presentation Evaluation Sheet.                                     Click here for HELP with organizing your thoughts for the final presentation.                                                   In class work with Projector and PC computer, OHP and visuals, plus other presentation skills.

Tuesday, OCT 28 -- Final oral presentation topics must be chosen by class time and confirmed.   information and suggested topics for final oral presentation.                                                         Read again and Study  Short Report .                  Review in class of short report format.                You can review this evaluation sheet for information.  Final Oral Presentation Evaluation Sheet.       STANDING EX.      

Sunday, NOV 2 --       You should start writing  A) the basic written outline and B) elements of written short report for final oral presentation assignment.  [Note: You will be able to compose an oral "grabber" opening DUE Sunday, NOVEMBER 9 from this written work.]  Click here for HELP with organizing your thoughts for the final presentation.  

Reminder: "grabber" opening DUE Sunday, NOVEMBER 9 

 If you need it, here is :  Job Resume and Interview Information.

Tuesday, NOV. 4 -- Prepare the words of the "grabber" opening DUE Sunday, November 9th, about your final presentation topic.     You will speak the words of your grabber opening on Sunday, Nov. 9th in class.  Be ready!                                                                                        Remember, the grabber opening is not the Introduction (which is usually longer and contains the list of topics that you will speak about).                                                                       click here: 5 P's of Presentations to refresh your memory about the "grabber" and what it is.       

SUNDAY, NOV 9 --  IN CLASS -- Speak your grabber in class.  15 seconds maximum.   

TUESDAY, NOV 11 --   IN CLASS: Credibility How to make a Good First Impression ,  Impression Presentation   Presentation Survival Tips.  Read these before class, because they are a lot of fun!                   Review of Over Head Projector and PC PowerPoint skills in class, including "how to make the transition from grabber to introduction." Also you will learn how to show an OBJECT visual effectively to an audience.  [Remember: Keep working on your written short report during your own time at home.]  

ADVICE: work on your final presentation at home during Ramadan break

Sunday, NOV. 11 --  Last class before Ramadan break.   We will discuss CHAPTER 11 in textbook -- especially focus on pages about collecting data; preparing charts; visual aids checklist.   Also review Ch. 14 about visuals.       

FOR SUNDAY, NOV. 30 --   Welcome back!    Practice the skills using OHP and PC with projector for grabber and transition to transparency.   TRANSITION EXAMPLE            Review details about transparencies, PowerPoint slides and visuals from Ch. 11 and Ch. 14.   BLANK DEMO                                                           You will show a transparency or slide on TUESDAY, DEC 2, next class!!!   Remember: Be there or be square.  This work counts as part of your in-class points.         Here is a slide about the PROCESS of GRABBER to INTRODUCTION                

FOR Tuesday, DEC 2  --  YOU WILL SPEAK TODAY 1) Bring to class your OHP transparency or your powerpoint slide on a disk.   2) Use OHP with transparency; or use PC and projector with powerpoint file.  You will (a) say your grabber opening, then (b) say your transition to your Introduction slide or visual..                                                               [ NOTE: The transparency/powerpoint slide -- must be the title page for your final topic.  Include: topic title, list of the subjects you will talk about, your name.  No big graphics or pictures.  Only text, so the download time will not be long.  Thanks, guys.   

FOR SUNDAY,  DEC 7  - click here: TAKE THE QUIZ -- bring it to class on Tuesday, April 22 .  click here . . . for Quiz  MAKEUP for missed Grabber Openings, Transitions, Introduction Slides.  10% off for lateness.  Introduction to Professional Closings from the 6  Common Errors and The 5 Ps of Presentations.                                                                NOTE: you will say your Professional Closing on TUESDAY, DEC 9.              click here: 5 P's of Presentations to refresh your memory about the professional closing  and what it is.                                             

 NOTE: You should be finished with your written short report (final draft) on SUNDAY, DEC 7.  Print out FINAL PRESENTATION EVALUATION SHEETS fill it in with your name, section number and ID number and your topic.  And, keep it with you.   Final Oral Presentation Evaluation Sheet. click here        Print out and bring to class, Tuesday, DEC 9.  EVAL SHEET RULES

FOR TUESDAY,  DEC 9 -- You         will speak your professional closing  today in class.     Bring quiz answers  to class, from DEC 7.      Today, you will say your PROFESSIONAL CLOSING, professional closing (key word + formula ending) in class.      Please have your rough draft of short report ready for today.              

Sunday, DEC 14--   Self-preparation and research day.  Use the KFUPM Library if necessary.   Check your sources for Credibility (if necessary).   Complete your written short report, and complete your visuals for your final oral presentation.  We will check your short report today, again in class.

NOTE: Get your Powerpoint file on a disk -- WE WILL UPLOAD THE FILES  NEXT CLASS -- Tuesday, DEC 16.

TUESDAY, DEC 16 --     STAPLE YOUR SHORT REPORT TO YOUR FINAL PRESENTATION EVALUATION SHEET,  click on the link if you need Evaluation Sheet   Complete your PREVIEW of your oral presentation (if necessary).  

NOTE: You will submit your filled-in evaluation sheet (NAME, ID, SEC#, TOPIC) and your written short report stapled to it, on TUES., DEC 16 in class.  ALL OF YOU WILL SUBMIT ON THIS DAY, Sunday, DEC> 16,      see  EVAL SHEET RULES   NO excuses.  NO excuses.  NO excuses.





NOTE: If we fall behind schedule, a NIGHT CLASS WILL BE SCHEDULED TO GET UP TO DATE on the final presentations.



MGT 210 FINAL EXAM  --   To be announced.


My Articles and Handouts for your Reading

Please note: if the graphics do not appear correctly, click on the Maximize/Minimize boxes at the top right corner of your screen.  

This is especially true for the handout Monolith of Misunderstanding.

A Model of Comm.

Monolith of Misunderstanding

Filter of the Mind

3 characteristics/4 steps of Communication


Channel Richness Chart

9 Keys to Effective Listening

How to Answer Difficult Questions


How to Reach Different Audiences    


Methods of Organization




Baba Shismo's Evaluation Sheet


How to make your meeting a success, rather than a mess


The 5 Ps of Presentations


How to make a Good First Impression 




Presentation Survival Tips.


Gestures: How to add power to your words


What Just Went Wrong


“Rumor Management”


How to Give Bad News 


Baba Shismo's Restaurant case


Instructions for Group work on Baba Shismo's  


Short Report Format 


How to  Highlight Information

EXAMPLE of highlighting


6 Common Errors of Oral Reports


Short Report


 Rumor Management




IN PROGRESS to be posted soon:


7 Myths & Realities of Comm

Giving Feedback as a Coach, Not a Critic

Employment Interviewing Tips and Techniques

Sources of Communication Barriers

Conflict Management

Cross Cultural Business Habits: 5 Solutions for Survival and Success

Is Your Telephone Helping or Hurting Your Business?



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In that pursuit, this site seeks to fulfill the above needs with speed, results-focused entries, course information, and other supporting materials (handouts) totally electronically – contributing to environmental awareness and action by virtually eliminating the usage of copy paper and physical distribution in class.


Management 210, Business Communication,  is an important course of practical and theoretical instruction that introduces students to and prepares them for supervisory and managerial positions in business, industry, government and technology areas of work.   Since communication -- clear, precise, understandable, persuasive, useful, appropriate, confident and professional quality -- is regarded as one of the major skills for success in the world of work, the content of this course focuses on the following areas of instruction and practical in-class work:

1) Theory of communication and the communication model and its parts, including functioning in a multi-cultural work/business environment.

2) In-depth analysis and learning of the parts of the model and tactics of implementation.

3) Speaking/Listening -- Oral presentations, meeting skills.

4) Writing Skills -- business reports, memos, letters and visuals (along with a review of mechanics for correctness in English.

5) Other Important Skills -- non-verbal, cross-cultural, conflict resolution, managerial communication, job-search/interview-related communications, Internet search and research tactics.

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