Highlighting Example for Practice. 



HEADINGS are very good for highlighting important information, especially in memos and reports.Headings are short phrases or just one word which comes before a paragraph (like in a newspaper or magazine) that tells the subject of a paragraph in a memo or a report.They can even be used in letters or any written material (even presentations).


In reports, for example, headings could be (but donít have to be):


Summary of Main Points

Results of Activities




Here is a writing Exercise to practice with Headings.


Directions:Read the following paragraphs and determine the main ideas or points of this report.Then, identify the main ideas (words) in each paragraph.Next, re-write the report.You must use some forms of HIGHLIGHTING that you learned previously and use HEADINGS to make it easier for the reader to understand and faster to read.


TO:††††††††††††††††† Operations Manager

FROM:††††††††††† Ahmed Q., Fire and Safety Manager

DATE:†††††††††††† July 15, 2002

SUBJECT:†††††† Explosion in container on July 13, 2002



An accident occurred in the Container on July 13, while three men were removing oil drums for cleaning and refilling.Two drums, neither of which were protected by safety rubber coverings, hit each other causing a spark.This spark caused an explosion.


Fortunately, the effects of the explosion were relatively small.Two of the men were slightly injured, and were taken to the hospital.Also, there was a small fire which burned 6 oil drums completely.



To prevent similar accidents from happening the future, it is recommended that all equipment should be protected with safety rubber.In addition, drums should be spaced far apart from each other to prevent hitting and causing sparks.Employees should be instructed that they must be careful while handling drums containing flammable substances.


Thank you.If you have any questions, please contact me at extension 3333.


NOW DO THE HOMEWORK>>>>>> on another page, rewrite this memo using highlighting and headings.