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MATH 101 Calculus I (4-0-4)

Limits and continuity of functions of a single variable. Differentiability. Techniques of differentiation. Implicit differentiation. Local extrema, first and second derivative tests for local extrema. Concavity and inflection points. Curve sketching. Applied extrema problems. The Mean Value Theorem and applications.

Prerequisite: One year preparatory mathematics or its equivalent

Previous Terms: T121

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Final Exam of Math 101:

 Date: Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013.

Time: 8:00-11:00 am (MORNING).

Place: Building 54.

Exam Type: MCQ.

Material: Comprehensive.

Old Final Exam: T101 - T102 - T111 Note: Master version means the correct answer is (a).



Term 131 Calendar: here

Math 101 – Syllabus 

Online Homework: The web address for online homework is http://kfupm.mylabsplus.com

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Old Exams:

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Exam 1 Term 131 Key's solution

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Old Exam 2: Term81Term91 , Term101, Term111, and Term112  Note: Master version means the correct answer is (a).

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