Paper SPE 167378, Stochastic Optimization of Cyclic Steam Stimulation in Heavy Oil Reservoirs, will be presented at the Kuwait Oil and Gas Show, on 8 Oct. 2014.

Congratulations to Najmudeen Sibaweihi and Hassaan Ahmed on the ocassion of their MS Thesis defense. We wish them the best in their future careers (May 2013).

Well Test Analysis

The SORL works to improve the models used in well test analysis. New areas such as the application of wavelet analysis to well test interpretation are currently explored. We look into improving the analytical solutions of the radial diffusivity equation describing the flow of fluids in porous media as well as enhancing the methods of estimating reservoir/well parameters obtainable from well test data. Applications to homogeneous, radial-composite and dual-porosity reservoirs are considered in our study.


Fig. 4: Matching well test data using nonlinear regression