Paper SPE 167378, Stochastic Optimization of Cyclic Steam Stimulation in Heavy Oil Reservoirs, will be presented at the Kuwait Oil and Gas Show, on 8 Oct. 2014.

Congratulations to Najmudeen Sibaweihi and Hassaan Ahmed on the ocassion of their MS Thesis defense. We wish them the best in their future careers (May 2013).

Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir simulation deals with the prediction of reservoir and well responses (Fig. 1) to production and injection activities in a hydrocarbon reservoir. Our research in this area focuses on enhancing the capabilities and  performances of existing simulators. Capability enhancements involve formulating new equations that can handle new scenarios that have been tested and validated in the labs mostly by the EOR research group. Performance enhancement involves speeding up the computational speed and/or reducing the storage (RAM) requirements for running simulations and performing sensitivity studies. Work in this area typically involves upscaling, multiscale simulations, domain decomposition, and improving current linear and nonlinear solvers, direct and iterative solvers, etc. Modeling geochemical interactions and ionic exchanges between injected fluids, resident fluids and rock surfaces during multiphase flow in the porous media is an integral part of our study.

Fig. 1a:            Pressure response at the injectors and producer in a hydrocarbon reservoir

Fig 1b: Water cut profile at three producers in a reservoir