Paper SPE 167378, Stochastic Optimization of Cyclic Steam Stimulation in Heavy Oil Reservoirs, will be presented at the Kuwait Oil and Gas Show, on 8 Oct. 2014.

Congratulations to Najmudeen Sibaweihi and Hassaan Ahmed on the ocassion of their MS Thesis defense. We wish them the best in their future careers (May 2013).

Inverse Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis

Our research in this area involves improving existing gradient-based optimization algorithms,  optimal control theory and adjoint sensitivity computations, developing efficient reparameterization methods for reservoir models (Fig. 2) and data spaces and finding ways to efficiently integrate dynamic and static data. We are working to improve local search optimization methods such as the Quasi-Newton (particularly the LBFGS), the conjugate gradient and the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithms. Improvement of these algorithms would involve finding ways of speeding up the algorithms and reducing the storage requirements associated with them. Algorithms  developed would be applied to reservoir parameter estimation. Improving reparameterization techniques is a key aspect of our research.


Fig. 2a:Fully-distributed reservoir model with high permeability streaks


Fig. 2a:  Object-oriented reservoir model with four facies