Paper SPE 169272, Well Placement Optimization Constrained to Minimum Well Spacing , will be presented at the LAPEC 2014 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on May 21 2014.

Congratulations to Zaeem Khan, Ali Nemer and Saad Mehmood on the ocassion of their MS Thesis defense. We wish them the best in their future careers (December 2013).


Members of the SimOpt Research Lab

Principal Investigator

Dr. Abeeb Awotunde, Group Leader and Founder


MS Students

Owais Ahmed

Thesis: Well Placement Optimization


Mohamed Abdullah

Thesis: Proxy Model


Abd Allah Yousef

Thesis: Reservoir Simulation


PhD Students

Sarim Md Jamal

Thesis: Reservoir Simulation


Independent Research Students

There are no current students


Previous Students

Ayham Zaza (Jun 2016)

Ind. Research: Massively Parallel Reservoir Simulation


Muzammil Hussain Rammay (Jan 2016)

Thesis: Stochastic Optimization of Hydraulic Fracture and Horizontal Well Parameters in Shale Gas Reservoirs

PlacementPh.D at Heriot Watt University


Rizwan Ahmed Khan (Jan 2016)

Thesis: Optimization of SAGD and VAPEX Processes with Minimum Well Spacing Constraints

PlacementPh.D at KFUPM


Rami Alloush (June 2015)

Thesis: Reservoir Simulation

PlacementPh.D at KFUPM


Adewale W. Adeniji (June 2015)

Thesis: A Global Optimization Approach to the Gradual Deformation Method of History Matching

Placement: Ph.D at the U. of West-Virginia, USA


Madhar Sahib Azad (Dec. 2014)

Ind. Research: Optimization of Steam Flooding

Placement: Ph.D at U. of Alberta, Canada


Xian Zhang (Dec 2014)

Thesis: Optimum Damping Factor for Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm with Application to Reservoir Parameter Estimation

Placement: Abu-Dhabi Marine Company (ADMA), UAE


Menhal Ismael (June 2014)

Thesis: A Multi-objective Well Placement Optimization with NPV and Regional Pressure Balance


Mohammed Abdulmoniem (June 2014)

Thesis: Drilling Optimization

Placement: Schlumberger, Saudi Arabia


Ashraf Hashim (June 2014)

Thesis: Well Placement Optimization

Placement: U. of Khatoun, Sudan


Osama Siddig (June 2014)

Thesis: Well Placement Optimization

Placement: U. of Khatoun, Sudan


Hassaan Ahmed (January 2014)

Thesis: Optimization of Surfactant Polymer Flooding

 PlacementPakistan Petroleum Limited


Saad Mehmood (January 2014)  

Thesis: Reservoir Model Upscaling

PlacementPakistan Petroleum Limited


Zaeem Khan (January 2014)

Thesis: Well Test Analysis

Placement: United Energy Pakistan (UEP)


Ali Nemer (January 2014)

Thesis: Well Test Analysis


Najmudeen Sibaweihi (June 2013)

Thesis: Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis of Foam Assisted Water Alternating Gas