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·              Wireless Communications: A Revolution on the Horizon, Guest Speaker, at INMIC 2003, Islamabad.

·              Academic Perspectives in Wireless Communications and R&D Initiatives, Panel Discussion, ARAMCO 2003.

·              Wireless Communications: Opportunities and Challenges, IBCAST, Bhurban, Pakistan, 2003

·              Wideband Wireless Communications: Technology Options, IBCAST, Bhurban, Pakistan, 2003

·              Reliable Communications over Wireless Channels, KFUPM Seminar, 2003.

·              Wireless Communications: Prognosis and Challenges, IEE (Pak) Saudi Section, Riyadh, February 2002.

·              Reliable Communications over Mobile Radio Channels, at Ettesalat College, Sharja, November 2001, UAE.

·              Mobile Communications - IEE (Pak) Saudi Eastern Region Section, Dhahran, October 2001.

·              Wireless Communications: Past, Present, and Future, at OPSTEC, Lahore Pakistan, January 2001.

·              Wireless Communications: Past, Present, and Future, IEEE Lecture, IEEE Saudi Section, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, October 2000.

·              New Opportunities and challenges in wireless communications, Engineering Technical Exchange meeting (CETEM ‘2000), May 2000.

·              Wireless Communications - Revolution in the Making, Seminar delivered, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Australia, 1998.

·              Application of Adaptive Filtering in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Code Synchronization, Nortel Technical Forum V, Ottawa, Canada, October 1996.

·              Characterization of Soft-handoff in CDMA, Nortel Technical Forum V, Ottawa, Canada, October 1996.

·              Application of Adaptive Filtering in Acquisition and Tracking of Spreading Codes in DS-CDMA, Seminar give at University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, October 1996.

·              Research at the PCS-RL, Carleton University, BNR Technical Forum IV, Richardson, Texas, 1995.

·              Hybrid DS-FH Spread Spectrum System Performance in the presence of channel frequency selective fading, BNR Technical Forum III, 1994.

·              Designing a Third Generation PCS System, Presented to BNR Technical staff, 1994.

·              Equalization and Service Integration in PCS Systems, University of Calgary, 1995.

·              Introduction to USETS, USETS Workshop, 1994.

·              Multiple Access Strategies in Mobile Communications, USETS Workshop, 1994.

·              Experience with Ray Tracing, Presented at URSI workshop on channels, Stockholm, 1994.

·              Third Generation PCS systems, presented at BNR Forum II, 1993.

·              Universal, Secure, and Efficient Telecommunications Systems, seminar presented at TRIO annual progress meeting, 1993.

·              An Investigation into Co-channel Interference in Microcellular Mobile Radio Systems, Seminar presented at WIN Lab, Rutgers University, N.J. 1992.

·              Advanced Train Control Systems: Communication Considerations, Paper presented at OCRI-Session on Mobile Radio Systems, 1987.

·              Channel Characterization for Mobile Personal Communication Systems, Paper presented at OCRI - Session on Mobile Radio Systems, October 1985.

·              Cellular Radio-Emerging Technology Seminar - Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, November 1983.

·              Radio Wave Propagation and Antennas (Radio Talk), Radio Pakistan University Magazine, 1970.

·              Participated in Discussion on Applications of Satellites, Pakistan Television, 1970.

·              Seminar on Satellites, American Centre, Lahore, 1970.

·              Radio Emissions From Heavenly Bodies and Measurement Techniques, Seminar held by IEEE (Lahore Branch), 1969.

·              Electrical Communications (Radio Talk), Radio Pakistan University Magazine, 1969.





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