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Short Courses


·              Interference Modeling and its Mitigation in Wireless Communication Systems, A half day tutorial given at IEEE-PIMRC’02, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2002.

·              Wireless Systems and Networks, A short course given at KFUPM, April 2002.

·              Wireless Communications, A tutorial given at INMIC, Lahore Pakistan, December 2001.

·              Interference in Wireless Communications, A tutorial given at PIMRC’96, Taipei, Taiwan, 1996.

·              Mobile Digital Communications - A short course given to Technical Staff of SPARC (Space and upper Atmospheric Research Centre), Lahore, Pakistan, August 1995.

·              Mobile Radio Systems - 5-dsy short course given to technical staff of Bell Northern Research (Now Nortel), December 1994.

·              Mobile Communications - 1-week, short course given at Southeast University, Nanjing, China, 1988.

·              Mobile Radio Systems- 3-day, Short course in co-operation with Binary Communications, Ottawa, April 1988.

·              Advances in Mobile Radio Systems - Short course given to the technical staff of Pakistan Telecommunication Research Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan, 1987.

·              Full Course given to Technical Staff of RCMP, DND and Revenue Canada, 1987.

·              Mobile Radio Systems - One Week Short course given to Technical Staff of NovAtel Communication Systems, 1984.



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