Course Overview

Course Objectives

Here are the four topics that we will be introduced to this semester and which you are expect to gain knowledge in in order to study them in more detail next semester.

A. The Legal System – Understanding the difference between laws and rules. For example, focusing on problems such as underage crime, drinking, traffic offences, violence and assault etc.

B. Criminal Law – In the context of the above problems you will know about the kinds of laws we have in Australia and the kinds of crime that can be committed.

C. Civil Obligations – Understand why there are laws put into place and what there end purpose is. Why it's not only a ‘bunch of rules’ just to restrict your behaviour, it’s more about equity, fairness and justice.

D. You and the Law in Society – How does the law impact on you and the rest of your community if you get a criminal record? The concept of regulating behaviour and why there is such regulation in the first place.

Course Schedule

Note: This course schedule will open each link in a separate window. It is here for you to quickly check what is due and conveniently provide a printable window for each module and assignment. It is not the main navigational page.

Week Module Activities/Assessment/Resources Assessment Due Dates

Lets get started

Orientation Activities: 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3

General Resources: AustLII Databases, Crime and Justice, Law and Justice, Pauls Jutice Page

19 Jul

Module 1: You and the Law

Resources:Australia Law Online, Legal Dictionaries and Australasian Legal Information Institute.

Activity/assessment: Activity 1.1 and posters, note the different due dates for this.

Activity 1.1: Complete in class. Thu, 29 July

Portfolio homework: Work in prgress, you should start this now, you should finish your first title page and write your paragraph about why you chose your responses. Start working on the general presentation of your portfolio.

26 Jul

Module 2: Our Records, It Might Be Otherwise, Kinds of Law, Kinds of Crime

Police Visit


Resources: Children Out Of Detention (ChilOut) and Law and Legal Studies
Activity/assessment: 2.1, 2.2 and collage

Police Visit: 5 August

Start watching Bangkok Hilton

Posters (Assignment A): Due Thu, 5 August
2 Aug
4 Movie Bangkok Hilton  
9 Aug
5 Movie Bangkok Hilton  
16 Aug
6  Movie Bangkok Hilton

Assignment B: Due. Thu, 26 August

23 Aug
7 Module 3: Borrowing or Theft, Just Plain Stealing Resources: Exploring motor vehicle theft in Australia and Minister for Justice and Customs  
Activity/assessment: Activity 3 and Bangkok Hilton Essay, note the different due dates.

Activity 3: Complete in class. Thu, 2 Sep

Portfolio homework: Work in prgress, complete your next title page. Start organising presentation of existing artifacts.

30 Aug
8 Module 4: Explanations! Explanations! Explanations! and Just Kids Stuff Resources: Early Intervention, Youth Crime & Families Strategy , Size, accessibility and crime in regional Australia and Law and Legal Studies
Activity/assessment: 4.1 and 4.2

Assignment D: Complete in class. Thu, 9 Sep

Portfolio homework: Work in prgress, complete your next title page, paragraph about responses and work on presentation.

6 Sep
9 Module 5:

Resources: Mandatory Sentencing, Commission Speaking for ourselves, Uses and abuses of drug law enforcement statistics, Alcohol and Crime, Age of illicit drug initiation, Alcohol and Minorities: An Update, Alcohol-related Social Disorder and Rural Youth: Part 1 Victims, Tough on Drugs, Schaffer Library of Drug Policy, The Links Between Alcohol and Drug Use and Poverty

VCE Legal Studies Assessment Guide

Activity/assessment: 5.1 and 5.2

Bangkok Hilton Essay: Due. Thu, 15 September

Assignment E: Complete in class. Thu, 15 Sep

13 Sep
10  Interviews Lawyer and Police Visit - in school Assignment E: Use group questions to record your interviewee.
20 Sep
11 Interviews Court house visit Assignment E: Use group questions to record your interviewee.
27 Sep
12 Movie Movie about the famous Azaria Chamberlain case Portfolio homework: Make sure all artifacts and responses from Task 1 are in your portfolio. Check that your presentation and organisation match the criteria in the grading rubric for Task 2.
4 Oct
13   Movie about the famous Azaria Chamberlain case  
11 Oct
14 Module 5: Summarise and reflect Activity/assessment: Activity 6 and Portfolio Portfolio: Hand in Portfolio. Thu, 21 Oct
18 Oct
15 School Camp    
25 Oct