Assignment E (20%)

Complete in class. Thu, 15 Sep

Activity 5.1 - What is Equality

Aristotle referred to the importance of equality in describing justice. The two concepts are intimately related. However, there are many types or definitions of equality, and on occasion, one type of equality may even conflict with another. Equality may mean equal treatment for everyone, or it may mean that the treatment should be varied, according to the person's merits, needs, rank or other personal characteristics.

Please give your opinion on the issues listed below:

Do you think that these are good examples of equality?

  1. Everyone must attend school until the end of Year 12, and no one may undertake further education after that.
  2. Everyone who works should be paid the same wage.
  3. The old age pension should be paid to everyone over 65, no matter what their income and assets.
  4. No one may own a car who does not have off-street parking for it. (This is a law in Tokyo.)
  5. Everyone should pay the same percentage of their income as income tax.
  6. Everyone should be entitled to free hospital treatment, funded out of taxes. Everyone should have to pay for the hospital treatment they receive.

Activity 5.2 - Additional Exercise on Equality and Justice (inteview questions)

Please print out the following page for instructions on this assignment, I have organised 3 groups and informed each of you by email which groups you are in. You can post your answers in the online forums as I have created a link for this also.

I have provided you with with some questions (in the instructions) to get you started. However, I want you to wrap up your interview with a question or questions based on these criteria:

Evaluation of recent changes, and/or recommendationsfor change to the legal system.

Grading rubric for online discussions | Nicenet Site

Interviews: After I have approved (in class) the questions from Activity 5.2, in the following week you will interview either the Police, a Lawyer or the Court House. First a lawyer and Police Officer will come to us (week 10), the following week we will visit the Court House. Your recordings will later be compressed and used on this site as supplementary multimedia material. I will give you instrcutions about the interviews in class. I want us all to be together when I give these intructions and you will have to take notes.

The basic rule when you interview is to get all the your questions answered first, after that you can ellaborate on the answers with additional questions of your own. But all additional questions have to relate to your topic and issues of equality and justice.

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