Assignment B (15%)

Yes, that's right you will have to complete module 2 in your own time because for the next three and a half classes we will be watching a great movie called The Bangkok Hilton.

This assignment is quite simple, just read Module 2 and complete the Activities 2.1, 2.2 and the collage.

All Due 26 August

Activity 2.1 - Do We Take Our Laws for Granted

Considering we have a democratic government here in Australia, have a think about our policy with asylum seekers. What is your view on this? Please search the web, and form your view on the information that you found – make sure you copy and paste the web address that you looked at so I can see where you got your information from. Try to use papers that have some authority behind them, not single or narrow minded viewpoints (there is too much of this on the web). The purpose of this activity is to get you thinking about other kinds of law. Please express your own opinion, good or bad but let us know ‘why’ and back it up with some research on the web.

There are some links in the Resources section above.
Here are some questions to get the discussion started:

Why do you think people try to seek asylum in our beautiful country? Try to comment on a specific nation and their rights (or lack of) to vote and have elections in their own country, you will have to do some research on this.

Do you think the law protects the asylum seekers in there own countries?

Do you think the law protects the asylum seekers when they are here in Australia?

What is your opinion on how Australia treats asylum seekers?

What about the kids in detention centers, what law protects them?

What about the section in module one that talks about Our Records does anyone base their opinion on asylum seekers with this in mind (e.g. some people are concerned that some asylum seekers might have bad criminal records)?

Activity 2.2 Law Order Society and Values

You need to read Kinds of Crime to complete this assignment (scroll half way down the page).

“As opposed to rules, law is enforceable. Unlike rules, Laws come from some authority that is capable of enforcing them” (Churchman, White, Williams, 1990)..

"The purpose of the law is not just to punish, but mainly to teach, so that our records can be kept clean, and genuine mistakes and carelessness are not treated as criminal cases" (Module 2, 2004).

With this in mind, please discuss the following questions with your peers:

  1. Why do you think our Society create laws?
  2. Values and laws are a must in our society. Why do you think these two things are necessary in our Society? - This well know saying will give you a hint: “Do as you would be done by” (golden rule of Christianity)
  3. What is a summary offence? What is an indictable offence. Give examples from your orientation 1.2 activity (questions). Find a question you think is an example of a misdemeanour and another question you feel is an example of a felony.

Grading rubric for online discussions | Nicenet Site

Make a Collage of Newspaper Clippings

Collect newspaper clippings and make a collage. By now I would have emailed you to let you know what group you are in. Please print out instructions and complete this collage in your own time. I will always be available for help in class, so please make sure you regularly ask me if you require help. That is the beauty of the face to face component of this course.

Grading rubric for Collage

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