Assignment A (10%)

Activity 1 - Laws or Rules

Complete in class, Thu 22 July

What do you think the differences are between laws and rules?
Please give examples and discuss with your peers if you think the examples are correct. Use what you created on your poster as examples?

Hint: You can find rules everywhere, think about sport or schools, now how are these different to laws.

Grading rubric for online discussions | Nicenet Site


Due 5 August

After reading Module 1 and completing the online discussion activity. You are also required to create two posters. One about a law and one about a rule.

I don't want to give to much away because your posters are part of trying to answer the discussions for Activity 1. Remember, some posters will be scanned and used as graphics for this website. The rest will be hung up in our room. Min size of poster is A3.

Grading rubric for this poster

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