Professor Adel S. Aldosary
Dean, College of Environmental Design

Editorial Board Memberships

-       2000-2004

Chairman of the CED Review Book Committee, Editorial Board Committee for the College of Environmental Design Refereed Journal. This is a special issue to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the College. I am the Editor of subsequent issues as well (2003, 2004). 

-       1999-2000

Member of the Journal Publications & Review Committee for the Refereed Journal “URISA”.

-       2004-2011

Member of the Advisory Board for Asia and the Middle East, Human Resource Development International (HRDI), (2004-2007).

-       2003-2005

Member of the Editorial Board, the National Encyclopedia of Saudi Arabia; Economy and Natural Resources.

-       2006

Guest Editor, International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital.

-       2007-2010

Co-Editor on the International Board of Editorial Advisors of the Journal, Journal of Comparative Social Welfare (JCSW).

-       2008-2011

Member, of the editorial board International Journal of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development (IJACMSD).

-       2011-2014

Member, of the editorial board International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment  (IJSBE)