Professor Adel S. Aldosary
Dean, College of Environmental Design


  1.  Consultant at the Supreme Commission on Tourism.

  2. Consultant at the Dammam Municipality.

  3. Consultant at the Office of the Minister of Higher Education (Jan.1994-Dec. 97).

  4. Reviewer of several funded Projects in many local, national and international universities.

  5. Reviewer of many research papers in Local, Regional and International Refereed Journals and Conferences.

  6. Supervised a few Master Thesis, and Final Planning Projects at KFUPM, KFU, Polytechnico Di Milano, University Del Sacre Quore (Milan, Italy), University of LUISS (Rome).

  7. Active participant in several university programs and initiatives.

  8. Organized a set of scientific trips to different parts of the country, to document the characteristics of traditional architectural styles for future reference. Organized International Expeditions to famous Architectural World heritage sites and published a documentary book about the trip (A Journey into Mughal Empire).