Professor Adel S. Aldosary
Dean, College of Environmental Design

Books and Book Chapters


1.    Aldosary, Adel S.,”CED Review: 2002”, College of Environmental Design, KFUPM, 2003. Editor of the Book and contributor of the Editorial (pp.7). KFUPM Press, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

2.    Aldosary, Adel,” Developing an Integrated Infrastructure Management System (IIMS): A Decision Support System (DSS) For Power Networks”, CED Review 2002, pp.105-112, February 2003, KFUPM. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

3.    Aldosary, Adel S. and Masiurrahman, Sayed, “Localization in Saudi Arabia: Social and Economic Perspectives; A Critical Investigation of the Understanding, the Approach, Aim and Consequence of Localization in Saudi Arabia”, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York, 2011.

4.    Adel S. Aldosary, Kh Md Nahiduzzaman & Muhammad T. Rahman, “Financing the Welfare State System in Saudi Arabia”, in Social Welfare System in Asia, Eds. Christian Aspalter et. al, AASW, China, 2014.

5.    Dr. Kh Md Nahiduzzaman & Dr. Adel S. Aldosary, Organic Spatialization of the Third Places and Urban Cohesion in Khobar City of Saudi Arabia; IJSBE Accepted.