Professor Adel S. Aldosary
Dean, College of Environmental Design

Academic Activities

- Instructor for many Undergraduate Courses at KFUPM/Dhahran

- Instructor for Undergraduate Courses at King Faisal University/Dammam

- Graduate Courses Taught:

-       Planning Theory

CRP 502

-       Housing Policies

CRP 503/CRP 534

-       Statistical Analysis in Planning

CRP 505

-       Urban Survey Methods

CRP 506

-       Comprehensive Planning Project 

CRP 530

-       Urban Infrastructure Planning

CRP 535

-       Graduate Seminar

CRP 599

-       Final Planning Project                   

CRP 540/CRP 601

-  Developed curricula and / or course packs / textbooks for:

-       Planning Theory

CRP 502/CRP 501

-       Housing Policies

CRP 503/CRP 535

-       Urban Survey Methods

CRP 506

-       Statistical Analysis for Planning

CRP 505

-       Urban Planning Methods

CRP 506

-  Developed curricula and / or course packs / textbooks for:
      Many Professional Training Courses on Master Plans, Planning Techniques,
      both in Saudi Arabia and GCC states.

- Participated (As a team member) in the Development of both of the  Revised Graduate and Undergraduate CRP Programs

-  Developed the CRP PhD. Program proposal

Supervised many Final Planning Projects/Theses. A Selected list includes:

1.     Potential use of GIS in Land Subdivision Planning in Dammam Mayority.
2.     Use of GIS in Water & Sewerage Establishments,
3.     Potential use of GIS' in Maintenance Services: A case study of King Fahd 
        University of Petroleum & Minerals,
4.     Transportation Impact Assessment of a Rezoned area in Alkhobar Saudi
5.     KFUPM Campus, An overview of the Potential Physical Development and
  Indications of the Future Directions,
6.     Makkah Street Redevelopment Plan, Thugbah, Saudi Arabia,.
7.     Managing Growth and Development in the Riyadh Metropolitan Region; an
  Assessments Study,
8.     An Infrastructure Analysis of Al-Doha Town,
9.     Bridging the Gap between Supply and Demand for Skilled Labors in the
  Saudi Market: a Realistic Approach,
10.   A GIS Application Viewer for Water Supply, KFUPM, Dhahran.
11.   Designing a GIS Database for Planning Organizations: A Case Study of
  Urban   Planning Directorate, Dammam Municipality.
12.   Affordable Housing in Saudi Arabia.
13.   GIS application in Facilities Management: the Internet Based ArcIMS GIS
14.   Principles for the Rejuvenation of an Islamic City in the Modern Context: The
  Case of Medina of Tunis.
15.   Evaluation of Transportation Sustainability: Contributions of GIS & Spatial
16.   Integration of GIS and Mathematical Model for Site Selection.
17.   A GIS and Syntactic – Based Model for Evaluation of Sustainable
  Neighborhood Design
18.   Determining Affordable Housing Stocks needed in Administrative Areas,
  Saudi Arabia
19.   A GIS Based Assessment of Urban Sprawl: Case of Al Khobar
20.  The Effectiveness of Organizational Structure for Construction Firms in Saudi
21.  Construction Contractors Contingency and Assumption of Risk
22.  The Social, Economic, Political and Human Development of Saudi Arabia: 
 Challenges at the Dawn of the 21st Century for the Member Countries of the
 GCC, The case of Saudi Arabia
23. Effects of land cover changes on land surface temperature: A case study of the city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia., January 2015.

Short Courses; Participated in or Coordinated (more than 40)
-       Developing Master Plans for Small Towns                                                       
-       Computer Aided Planning of Urban Systems                    
-       Professional Practice in Architecture                                                                
-       Planning Techniques Workshop                                                                  
-       Computer Aided Design & Drafting                                                               
-       Computer Aided Planning & Geographic Information System (GIS)            
-       Introduction to Geographic Information  Systems (GIS)
-       Time Management                                                   
-       GIS in Transportation
-       Methods, Approaches and Skills of Urban and Regional Planning