Dr. Usamah Al-Mubaiyedh

Chemical Engineering COOP

In this course the student will spend a period of 28 weeks of industrial employment in industry. Students are required to write a detailed formal report on their experience. Evaluation by the employer will be counted towards the grade given for this course.


The course is designed to meet the demand of engineering graduates who are more trained toward practice. The course provides students with intensive on-job training in which they can relate to the theoretical knowledge learned in the classrooms and laboratories. Upon graduation, the graduates can engage more rapidly in the design, construction and operation of chemical processes.


  1. Acquire on-job work experience before graduation [c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k].
  2. Relate theory to practice [a].
  3. Apply chemical engineering principles to design and simulation of chemical processes [a,c,e,k].
  4. Write technical reports [g].
  5. Maintain high standards of personal and professional integrity and ethical responsibility [f].

Eligibility for COOP

  1. Be currently enrolled in the university and not subjected to dismissal for any academic or disciplinary reasons.
  2. Complete at least 85 credit hours (including the semester of COOP registration).
  3. Maintain a major GPA of 2.000 (out of 4.000) or above.
  4. Pass technical writing course, ENGL214.
  5. Complete all the pre-requisite requirements identified by his department (check with the department COOP coordinator for such requirements).
  6. Complete the COOP training before the last semester in the university.

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