Dr. Usamah Al-Mubaiyedh

Final COOP Presentation

The presentation of the COOP assignment is also an extremely important part in the COOP program. After completing and submitting the final COOP report, the student will be requested to deliver an oral presentation before an examination committee. Here, the student will develop a very important communication skill, which is the ability to effectively present his results and findings in a professional manner. Such a skill will continually develop with the student over a lifetime and will be enhanced by practicing and listening to other presentations (both good and bad!).

The student will be allowed to present his work within a time frame as instructed by his examination committee, usually for 15 to 30 minutes. The student should present his work using transparences or preferably use a computer presentation such as PowerPoint. The presentation should reflect the contents of the COOP report, however, the means of delivery are totally different. In general, the presentation consists of:

  • Title slide
  • Talk outline
  • Introduction
  • Job description
  • Case studies
    • Problem Statement
    • Objective
    • Procedures
    • Unit Description
    • Block/Process Flow Diagrams
    • Technical description
    • Results and discussion
  • Conclusions  
  • Recommendations
  • Acknowledgements

The presentation should be kept short and simple; hence, the details covered in the COOP report should be summarized here or skipped in some cases.