Dr. Usamah Al-Mubaiyedh

Progress Reports

To enhance the communication between the student and his COOP advisor during the COOP program, the student should periodically submit progress reports to update his advisor on the progress he has made so far. The student should follow the instructions of his COOP coordinator regarding the number of progress reports required, due dates and format. The progress reports are supposed to be brief and concise. Below are some suggested guidelines regarding progress reports preparation:

First Progress Report: (To be Submitted After 2 Months From Start of COOP)

  1. A cover page.
  2. Summary.
  3. A brief description of the host organization.
  4. A brief description of the industrial unit that the student is working in.
  5. A description of the project that the student is planning to pursue.
  6. An outline of the method that will be implemented to complete the project.
  7. Comments and suggestions.

Second Progress Reports: (To be Submitted After 4 Months From Start of COOP)

  1. A cover page.
  2. A summary of the project and if any modifications were implemented.
  3. Progress made in completing the project.
  4. Sample of results of the calculations or experiments made.
  5. A tentative table of contents intended for the final COOP report.
  6. Comments and suggestions.