Dr. Usamah Al-Mubaiyedh

Registration COOP

The registration for COOP is conducted online through the registrar office during the pre-registration period. Students are divided into two groups, A and B. Group A starts the COOP training at the beginning of the spring semester, and group B starts at the beginning of the summer session. The following steps are usually involved in the registration process:

  • The student registers CHE351 during preregistration week.

  • The COOP coordinator ensures the eligibility of the student for the program and approves it.

  • A list of approved students reaches the COOP office at the deanship of students affairs for final approval.

  • The COOP office seeks appropriate job openings inside and outside Saudi Arabia for the candidates according to their academic majors.

The candidates shall contact the COOP office at the end of the registration period to finalize their training assignments. Students registering for COOP with eligibility problems are not assured acceptance and usually are included in a waiting list. The final decision for their acceptance is made at the end of the semester by the COOP office in consultation with their departments’ COOP coordinators.