Dr. Usamah Al-Mubaiyedh

Role of the Student

The student is a pivotal part in the COOP program and the success of the overall program depends mostly on him. During the COOP program the student should maintain a desirable public image about KFUPM. Moreover, he should confirm to the ethics of his future profession and perform his duties as an employee who is working for the host organization. The responsibilities of the student before, during and after COOP can be summarized as follows:

Before Leaving for COOP

  • The student should familiarize himself with the university policies and regulations regarding the coop program.
  • The student should contact the coop coordinator to discuss the coop assignment.

During COOP

  • The student should make sure that the host organization provides him with a coop training plan and send it immediately to his coop coordinator not later than the second week of training.
  • The student should make sure that the training plan is related to his major of study, and if not, should immediately clarify that with his field mentor to modify the plan according to the student’s major of study.
  • The student must learn as much as possible about the department or division he is assigned to and keep a record of his daily activities, such as specific jobs performed, field trips made, meetings attended, seminars attended, etc.
  • The student should maintain regular contact with his coop advisor and sends him up-dates on his job assignments, experiences, etc.

Upon Return to KFUPM

  • The student should contact his coop advisor immediately to provide him with the first draft of the coop report during the first week of the semester.
  • Complete the final coop report and submit it to his advisor and second examiner and schedule a time for his coop presentation during the first month of the semester .