Dr. Abdulaziz Bubshait
Professor  | Construction Engineering and Management |

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, 31261, Saudi Arabia

CEM 515 Project Quality Management


The objective of this course is to expose students to Quality knowledge and Quality improvement methods. Includes discussion on Quality standards, Quality needs and overall strategic plans, customer satisfaction and focus, tools for Quality Project Management, Statistical process control, tools for continuous improvement, recent developments in Quality in Constructed projects, ISO standards, survey of computer application software related to quality management.

        CEM 515-2010

  1. Course syllabus

  2. Process Analysis

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S. No Title of the Lecture
1 Quality Tools PPT PDF  
2 Quality Management Case Study PPT PDF  
3 Customer Driven Quality PPT PDF  
4 Project management and Quality PPT PDF  
5 Project Quality PPT PDF  
6 Leadership and Quality PPT PDF  
7 The 8-Step Process PPT PDF  
8 Summary of Tools PPT PDF  
9 Project Review PPT PDF  
10 Customer Driven Teams PPT PDF  

Brand You" and Professional Growth

12 Quality Team Skills PPT PDF  
13 Translating Expectations and Specifications PPT PDF  
14 Process Tools PPT PDF  
15 Work Flows PPT PDF  


S. No Title of the Assignment
1 TQM Tools Group-5 DOC PDF  
2 TQM-quiz-2 DOC PDF  
3 TQ-Case-Study DOC PDF  
4 TQM Tools DOC PDF  
5 TQM Tools-Group-3 DOC PDF  
6 QA-TQM-Tools-2 DOC PDF  
7 QA-TQM Tools DOC PDF  
8 Process-Control-Exercises DOC PDF  
9 HW-8-steps-process DOC PDF  
10 Case-study-valuation XLS PDF  

Term Papers

S. No Title of the Term Papers
1 Balance-Scorecard DOC PPT PDF
2 BPR-small Firm.ppt DOC PPT PDF
3 Business-Process-Reengineering DOC PPT PDF
4 Business-Process-Reengineering-2 DOC PPT PDF
5 CEM 515 Presentation DOC PPT PDF
6 Customer-Satisfaction DOC PPT PDF
7 Customer-Satisfaction-2 DOC PPT PDF
8 Customer-Satisfaction-Survey DOC PPT PDF
9 EWPD CMP workflow Processes DOC PPT PDF
10 Hazardous Materials DOC PPT PDF
11 Implementing-TQM DOC PPT PDF
12 ISO-9000-2000 DOC PPT PDF
13 Lean-sigma DOC PPT PDF
14 New-Cashiers DOC PPT PDF
15 Outsourcing DOC PPT PDF
16 Process-Diagram DOC PPT PDF
17 Procurement-Quality-Management DOC PPT PDF
18 Project-quality-management-PMP DOC PPT PDF
19 Quality-Standard DOC PPT PDF
20 Quality Standards Implementation DOC PPT PDF
21 Reactor-Improvement DOC PPT PDF
22 Reducing-Downtime-Using-TQM DOC PPT PDF
23 Report DOC PPT PDF
24 Root-Cause-Analysis-Case-Enhancement DOC PPT PDF
24 sixsigma_g2_2 DOC PPT PDF
25 sixsigma-Group_1 DOC PPT PDF
26 Six-Sigma-group-2 DOC PPT PDF
27 Six-Sigma-Project-Presentation-CEM 515 DOC PPT PDF
28 Supplier-partnership DOC PPT PDF
29 Technical-Support-Process-SABIC- EPM DOC PPT PDF
30 TQM- implementation- Saudi -Industries DOC PPT PDF
31 TQM in construction industry DOC PPT PDF
32 TQM -Implementation for Capital Projects DOC PPT PDF
33 TQM -The Construction Industry DOC PPT PDF
34 TQM-construction-industry2 DOC PPT PDF
35 TQM-construction-industry2 DOC PPT PDF
36 TQM communication DOC PPT PDF
37 TQM Health Care Finances DOC PPT PDF
39 TQM-Construction-Industry DOC PPT PDF
40 TQM-construction-industry2 DOC PPT PDF
41 TQM-Design Build Projects DOC PPT PDF
42 TQM-Finance DOC PPT PDF
43 TQM-Implementation DOC PPT PDF
44 TQM-implementation-Saudi -Industries DOC PPT PDF


S. No Title of the Exams
1 Construction-Quality-Assurances DOC PDF
2 Construction-Quality-Assurances-20041 DOC PDF
3 Final-exam-051-2 DOC PDF
4 Project-Quality-Management DOC PDF
5 Project-Quality-Management DOC PDF
6 Quality-quiz DOC PDF
7 SPC-quiz DOC PDF

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