: Research Project and Grants



Research project "Limit Theorems for Stochastic Processes and Statistical Inference", Part 1:     "Limit Theorems of the Theory of Branching Processes".

During these years my research activity was funded by Uzbek Academy of Sciences and Academy of Sciences of the USSR.


       Two weeks visit Varna, Bulgaria including speaking at a Summer School, funded by   

       Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


 Advanced Fellowship in the NATO-CP Science Fellowship Program, 24 months, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. 


       Two weeks visit Rabat, Morocco, including speaking at a conference, funded my Morocco.


        Two weeks visit Varna, Bulgaria, funded by TUBITAK, Turkey.


       Two weeks visit Minnesota University, Minneapolis, USA, including speaking at a

        Conference funded by USA.


       One month visit Sofia, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria, for giving series of seminars and for joint research work with professor Nick Yanev funded by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Two weeks visit Levke University, Lefkoshe, Cyprus, including speaking at a conference And at a meeting with graduate students, funded by Lefke University, Cyprus.


Short term  (12 months) research project "A forecasting method of defects in networks based on branching processes " funded by the Malaysian Department of Science and Environmental Technology (IRPA) One week visit professor Louis Chen, Singapore National University, including a    talk at the  seminar, funded by Singapore National University.


  Short term (12 months) Research project "Mathematical modelling of population dynamics and cascades of defects in networks based on branching processes" funded by Malaysian Department of Science and Environmental Technology (IRPA)


An internal (15 months) Research project " Investigation of  a Random Sum of Indicators with Applications in Branching Stochastic Processes" funded by King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minarals, No MS/SOCHASTIC/254. PDF


A Fast Track (12 months) research project " Branching stochastic Processes with Continuous State-Space and Immigration in Varying Environment"  funded by  SABIC, No FT/2005-01. PDF


1. A Fast Track (12 months) research project "Investigation of Branching Processes with Incubation" funded by  SABIC No FT/2006-03. PDF

2.  An internal (12 months) Research project  "Functional Limit Theorems for Branching Processes with Immigration" MS/THEOREMS/MS335 . PDF


[1] An internal (18 months) research project: “Investigation of the Validity of the Bootstrap in a Non-Homogeneous Branching Stochastic Process”

IN080396.  (Principal Investigator, In progress).

[2] A Fast Track (12 months) research project: “Estimation of the Offspring Mean in a Branching Process with Non-Stationary Immigration” funded by  SABIC, No SF 2008/01. (Principal Investigator, In progress).