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Hands-On Exercises

Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

Exercise 3.

Exercise 4.

Exercise 5.

Lab 1.

Web site Memo.docx

Bike Event.docx

Graphic wd01_Child on Bike

Grand Opening.docx

Graphic WD01_Coffee

File to use, wd01_Note Taking Skills.docx, Save as Note Taking Skills.docx

File to use wd01_History of Ice Cream.docx, Save as Ice Cream History.docx

Graphic wd01_Ice Cream

Lab 2.

wd02_Note Taking Tips.docx  Note Taking Skills.docx (Lab 1. Exercise 4.)

Note Taking Skills2.docx

wd02_Water Conservation.docx  Graphic wd02_Water Hose  Save as Water Conservation Column.docx wd02_Conservation Tips.docx (See Footnote 1.

wd02_Fitness Fun  Save As Fitness Fun Flyer.docx

Conference Volunteers.docx

Weekly Specials.docx  wd02_Coffee Flyer.docx

Lab 3.

Spam Outline.docx

ARS Department Contacts.docx

wd03_Digital Camaras.docx  Graphic wd03_Camera, Graphic wd03_Computer Digital Camaras.docx

wd03_Brochure.docx  Graphic wd03_ATT, Graphic wd03-Kayaking,  Graphic wd03_Hiking, Graphic wd03_Train, Picture wd03_Tracey, ATT Brochure.docx

wdo3_Yoga Guide, Graphic wd03_Yoga Pose, Graphic wd03_History, Yoga Guide.docx

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Working Together

Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

Exercise 3.

Exercise 4.

Exercise 5.


Tour Locations.htm(Modified in the WTWD 1 lab), wdwt_losAngeles.htm, LosAngeles.htm,

From Lab 1, Exercise 2, Bike Event.docx,  Celebrate Bicycling.docx

From Lab 1, Exercise 3, Grand Re-Opening.docx,  Café Flyer.docx, Graphic wdwt_Coffee,  wdwt_Coffee Locatons.docx

Café Locations.htm









On Your Own






Lab 1.

Mexico Adventure.docx

Pool Rules.docx

Astronomy Basics.docx

Volunteer Opportunities.docx

Career Report.docx

Lab 2.

Reference Letter.docx

Cell Phone Rates.docx

Yard sale Flyer.docx

Wyoming Facts.docx

Ethics Report.docx

Lab 3.

Wd03_Kayaking Flyer.docx,  Graphic wd03_Kayacking Kayaking Flyer.docx

Wd03_Coffee Outline.docx,  Coffee Report .docx 

Job Search.docx


Computer Viruses.docx


 Important Notes:

1.       File names typed in blue and italics are files created in the Exercise by the student.

2.       File names typed in red are files created by the student in another Exercise and used by the student in the current Exercise.

3.       Files typed in black are files provided by the authors.

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