CSE-642 Computer Systems Performance

Fall 2009 - Semester (091)


Marks for course work are updated below. Please check for discrepancies.

Final Exam 7:00 PM   February 6, 2010   Saturday   22-134  

Course Syllabus:

Click here for course syllabus.

Lecture Notes:

The main reference for the course is the textbook and the handouts distributed in class. These notes are merely as summary:

- Introduction to Telecommunications

- Review of Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes

- Random Processes and Introduction to Markov Chains

- Birth and Death Processes and Applications To Queueing Theory

- Network of Queues - Product Form Solution

- Markov Chains: Applications to Multiplexing and Access and class notes

- M/G/1 - class notes


 You can download the errata for the textbook from here.


Quizzes and Major Exams:

Course Project:

Details for the course project will announced later.


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